FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WIZARDS Introduces Nano-Technology Spray Wax.


WIZARDS® Products is proud to announce the addition of MYSTIC SPRAY WAX™ (Part #01235) to pump up their ever growing line of superior professional detailing and finishing products. The company that brought top-selling MIST-N-SHINE™ to the marketplace has combined recently developed nano-technology with their proprietary synthetic formula to raise the bar and take detailing products far beyond outdated carnauba waxes. Developed to be more compatible with today’s advanced clearcoats, MYSTIC SPRAY WAX™ performs excellent on all paint types providing an instant bond with incredible gloss and depth after application and sustained water beading and slickness wash after wash. This easy application spray eliminates hazing and white filmy residues. In addition to giving you a showroom shine, MYSTIC SPRAY WAX™ can be used on any hard surfaces including glass, chrome, polycarbonate, fiberglass, gel-coat, plastics and rubber trim to safely removes dust, bugs, bird droppings, road grime, oily fingerprints and light water spotting. Perfect for the show-car or motorcycle enthusiast, MYSTIC SPRAY WAX™ can be used as a dry wash, quick detailer or wax extender and is great at a cruise night or bike rally to show off all your hard work and make you stand above the crowd.

For more information about MYSTIC SPRAY WAX™ or any other WIZARDS® Products, please visit or call 800-356-7223.

RJ Star Inc. / WIZARDS, manufacturer and exclusive distributor for WIZARDS® Products, offers a complete, professional line of appearance care items designed to clean, shine and protect all surfaces of the vehicle.

WIZARDS® products include the highly regarded Mist-N-Shine™ Professional Detailer, Shine Master™ Polish and Breathable Sealant, Mystic Cut Nano-Sphere Technology Compound, Turbo Cut™ and Finish Cut™ Buffing Compounds, Crystal Clear™ Plastic Cleaner & Polish, Bug Release™ All Surface Bug Remover, Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner, Supreme Seal™ Paint Sealant, Metal Polishes, Metal Sealer, Mini and Metal Buff Kits and Multi-Fiber™ Cloths.


Adam Bateman, Marketing Manager
Wizards Products
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