Total Solution of Vehicle Mountings for In-Car Holding of your Tablet PC


New "Mobotron" In-Car Tablet Holder series - A total solution of Vehicle Mountings & In-Car Holding for your Tablet PC.

With this new "Mobotron" series, we provide all types of vehicle mounting you may need for in-car holding of your tablet PC. They all come with versatile universal VH-703B tablet holder that adjusts to hold full range tablet PC.

(1) DM-700V Dashboard Mount - Elegant "Turtle" style housing with strong sticky Gel pad on-dash suction system to ensure secure and convenient holding on dashboard surface and release with ease.

(2) HM-200V Headrest Mount - It's highly adjustable with a pair of strong hooks & knob-screws to fix firmly on any2-post style headrest. Teeth-jointed forearm allows Tablet Holder to adjust and set at upper, lower or any desired viewing position for the backseat passenger. Swivel Hook Connection allows Tablet Holder to turn 90-degree for portrait or landscape viewing.

(3) SM-320V Seatbolt Mount - It features a 20" (50cm) flexible pole curved at upper part with provided U-Base to secure at front instrument wall and with mounting bracket secured under the seat rail bolt. A swivel ball in the clamper to top of pole hooks up Tablet Holder allows it to tilt & turn for best viewing angle.

(4) WM-400V Windshield Mount -- Extra-large 109mm Suction Cup ensures
super strong holding onto windshield. U-Base fixed on dashboard
stabilizes the long flexible holding arm. 15"/37cm long arm with free rotation ball at one end enables all-direction angle setting.