Powermaster Performance Presents Full Line of LS Starters


Powermaster Performance of West Chicago, Illinois is proud to offer a full line of light weight, high performance starters for the General Motors, LS series engine. From stock upgrades all the way to 18:1 compression race engines, Powermaster has the LS covered.

Powermaster’s newest addition to the LS starter line is their Powermax starter, part number 9109. With a light-weight permanent magnet design, the 9109 provides higher cranking torque with low amperage draw for engines up to 10:1 compression. A 1.2kw starter motor and 6:1 planetary gear ratio result in a 7.5lb starter that packs a big punch in a small package. 12 clocking positions allow the already featherweight starter to fit in even more positions to clear headers, kick out oil pans, factory cooling lines, and more.

For more information on this small wonder, contact Powermaster Performance at 630-957-4019 or tech@powermasterperformance.com