New Invention is a Step Up for Truck Owners


Patented Elephant Stand™ Provides the New Hitch Solution that Provides an Easy, Swivel and Step for Pickups

If you have a pick-up truck and are constantly dealing with getting into your truck bed, you are probably still scratching your head on why nobody has come up with a simple and easily adaptable solution to this age-old dilemma. Well that search is finally over with the introduction of the patented Elephant Stand™ Swivel Hitch.

With just a simple swivel and step, it will increase a person’s productivity, reduce the wear and tear on a person’s back and knees, and allow users to easily utilize their truck beds like never before. Best of all, it requires no special assembly or drilling into the frame, truck bed, or chassis. Just slide it into your existing hitch assembly and you are ready to step up into a whole new direction.

“There’s no hitch like it and nothing that performs like it!” stated Phil Maruska, Chief Operations Officer of Cleargain Solutions, the maker of the Elephant Stand™. “This product is so simple but yet so ingenious that I am confident that it will soon become the de facto solution to the age-old problem of getting access to truck beds. It provides the step and hitch functionality that every truck lover has been looking for.” added Maruska.

Made in the USA and engineered utilizing all steel construction, customers are assured that it will withstand the rigors of the toughest environments and exceed even the heaviest loads. The Elephant Stand comes with a standard 2 inch towing ball and is rated for a towing capacity of 6,000 lbs. The swivel stand is rated to hold over 600 lbs. and has a platform size that measures at a whopping 9.5”x 16” (152 square inches of stepping space). No other product can provide that size of a platform with that kind of stability. As an added bonus, it also provides a person a nice “bounce” since the design utilizes the shocks of the truck, which relieves stress on a persons knees and back when going up and down.

“Most steps are nothing more than a foot peg – that’s why I bought an Elephant Stand for each of our service trucks and it’s a big hit”, stated Scott Brecher, President of Brecher Lighting and enthusiastic Elephant Stand advocate. “It’s a no brainer for anybody with a pickup truck since it easily provides access to the bed, which also increases our productivity and also gives me a piece of mind that we won’t have any more injuries from people bending awkwardly or jumping off the back of a truck bed with heavy equipment.” added Brecher.

The company is confident that it has found the total solution that the truck companies haven’t been able to address and that will also allow pickup owners the freedom to get into their pickup beds with ease. They believe that whether you are an outdoor adventurer, boater, tradesman, or just an everyday truck enthusiast – the Elephant Stand™ Swivel Hitch will conveniently be every truck owner’s hitch of choice for years to come.

See the Elephant Stand™ Swivel Hitch in action on YouTube at
It will have nationwide distribution soon but can now be purchased online at and sells for $169.99 plus shipping and handling.