Got lifetime FILTERS? Get POWER PIC PRO...the ultimate filter cleaning tool!


Introducing our new products the Power Pic and Power Pic Pro; sturdy aluminum hand tools with patented nozzles specifically designed to clean all types of reusable filters in several major markets, especially automotive.
Simply attach onto a standard garden hose and start saving over 50% of your time, water and money on regular filter maintenance, plus maximize the performance and life of your cartridge filters.
Each unique nozzle creates an even broadcast spray and air/agitation action for a thorough filter cleaning; the ergonomic handle and easy on/off valve offer comfort and flow control with less mess. In case of hard water build-up, the end cap doubles as an unclogging pin ensuring best results with every use.
Power Pic & Power Pic Pro sold alongside filters and pre and post treatments complete a convenient “care kit” for customers and makes a nice up sale item for our dealers.