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Check out the first of its kind! The AutoStep is new, light weight, and very durable. It will fit any size tire legally on the road today.
The AutoStep harnesses to your tire and will allow you to work on your vehicle with safety.
It allows you to work at various levels.
Have you found yourself standing on a bucket, block of wood or even a turned over milk crate? I know I have, and you sometimes find yourself struggling to hang on or not tip over the bucket. Well, now there is a solution to that: it’s called the AutoStep. The AutoStep will allow you to reach into over half of the engine compartment from one side of the vehicle. The AutoStep will harness to any tire legally on the road today and allow you to work on your truck, SUV or motor home.

It will allow you to replace windshields and even wipers, the AutoStep is great for doing body work or even washing those hard to reach areas.

This product allows you to access the vehicle while carrying parts, windshield and even some tools.

The Auto Step was designed to prevent injury in the work place or at home.

Below is a picture of the proto type. We are excited to be at the SEMA show for the first time and will have factory samples there with us. We will be accepting orders, so stop by our booth 10484 in Tools, take a look, write an order. We'd love to see you!