Introducing the Bee Line LC7500 Laser Guided Computer Wheel Alignment System


Bettendorf, IA - Bee Line Company, the worldwide leader in heavy duty tractor and trailer wheel alignment and frame correction systems,
introduces the all-new LC7500 computer alignment system. The LC7500 computer alignment system redefines laser accuracy – from the inside, out. Using cutting-edge technologies, Bee Line has taken the most accurate heavy duty truck alignment system on the market and made it even better.
Every aspect of this system builds on more than 90 years of alignment expertise and has been redesigned with the most forward-thinking objectives in mind. As technology advances, so does Bee Line.

Superior Design Maximizes Efficiency and Improves Durability
An impressive 32” HD TV monitor with built-in speakers matched with the enhanced cabinet design,custom molded top and Remote Display charging station make this system extremely contemporary and user-friendly. The software screens have been redesigned to maximize font size for ease of viewing and drop-down menus make it easier to navigate. An efficient, state-of-the-art workspace means greater productivity for the technician. Durability is substantially improved through the use of fewer moving internal parts. Fewer moving parts in the laser assembly eliminates wear out
mechanisms, loss of accuracy with wear and the need for repair.

Smarter Technology Increases Precision and Speed
Advanced target board sensors and processors that operate at 88MHZ vs. 4.5 MHz in past systems,along with a hardware driven design allow for quick calculations and immediate, precise laser positioning response. Approximately 1,800 (vs. 80) sensors calculate the location of the laser
strike to an accuracy of .005”. The Laser Line Generator with 200 sensors per inch provides great precision in these calcula- tions. These technological improvements afford a faster, more precise
and extremely accurate alignment, in less time.

LC7500 Provides Unmatched Productivity
Key innovative refinements come together in the LC7500 to deliver the ultimate return on your investment. The System boasts up to
20% faster processing, extraordinary accuracy and increased speed, all leading to added productivity. Users have experienced increased ROI by performing one more alignment per day, in turn generating thousands of dollars more per week in additional revenue - without extending hours
or adding more technicians. The LC7500 is the most technologically advanced computer alignment system available today.

Located in Bettendorf, Iowa USA, Bee Line designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of state-of-the-art equipment to meet the unique demands of today's alignment industry. Bee Line offers mobile equipment for field service, portable shop equipment and com- plete stationary solutions that are customized to the individual needs of commercial tire dealers, truck
dealerships, truck stops, independ- ent repair shops and fleet maintenance facilities.

For 90 years, Bee Line Company has remained intensely committed to providing world class equipment,unparalleled engineering & tech- nical expertise and total customer service. For more information on Bee Line products, please visit Bee Line Company's website at