SIDEWALL PRINTER - The world exclusive color inkjet printer for tire sidewalls


"SIDEWALL PRINTER" - The world exclusive inkjet color printing machine for tire sidewall.

As a leading printing manufacturer in Tokyo Japan, LAC Corporation will aboveboard unveil the world exclusive on-demand inkjet color printing machine for tire sidewall so-called "LAC TIRE PRINTER".

Evolution from erstwhile whitewall: Not only is it doable to produce conventional whitewall, but also this sidewall printer can print any image in full color based on CMYK generated by Photoshop. From the aspects of quality, precision, durability, and practicality, LAC is going to proffer the demonstrations and hands-on experience at the SEMA show in a bid to prove its marketability, profitability, and a wealth of opportunities. Visitors can actually see and touch sample printed tires at booth as well.

Seeking USA distributors now, LAC is expecting to make appointments with potential candidates for business meeting at SEMA show. Layaway is also available there. For further information, you should visit the booth 36245 or send an inquiry to LAC international sales contact person as necessary.


1 year

Appearance: Crate
Gross weight/ 123.5kg
Dimension/ 1430(L) mm x 620(D) mm x 710(H) mm

1. Main unit size: Height/ 1000mm, Width/ 1100mm, Depth/ 500mm
2. Print system: Full color printing by WCMYK
Number of nozzles: 6 nozzles (1 each for WCMYK & 1 for Primer)
3. Printable size:
Diameter/ Minimum 500mm, Maximum 800mm
4. Maximum tire weight: 30kg
5. Height adjustment of print head: Max 200mm (Manually set with an up-down lever)
6. Horizontal stroke length of print head: Max 300mm
7. Printing time: Approximately 5 to 10 min per tire sidewall
Note regarding preparation:
First you need to clean the rubber to see no dust or dirt on it.
Second you have to preheat the tire sidewall for a few minutes before printing.
8. Paint tank volume: 30cc each
9. Paints: LAC dedicated tire paints (hydro-soluble paint)
10. Electric power: AC 100V, 120V, 230V/ 600W
11. Air pressure: 0.4MPa (Set up by air regulator)

1. Mechanism
2. Printing software
3. Controller
4. 2 PCs (For design & controller)
5. Photoshop CS (Adobe’s Graphics software)
6. Air compressor (Air pressure has to be more than 0.5Mpa)
7. Electric heater (About 2kW/ commercially available/ short wave infrared heater)
Note: Above first 3 lists (#1, 2, and 3) are included in the offered price. However, the rest of the lists (#4, 5, 6, and 7) need be prepared by your own.

[Required PC spec]
OS/ Windows XP or later version
CPU/ Pentium 4 3GHz or higher
RAM/ 2GB or higher
Drive/ CD-drive
Required slot/ USB slot, PCI slot, PCI Express slot