ZIBAR USA -ZIBAR MK2 New off road 4x4 vehicle introduced to the U.S market



We are proud to present a new arrival to North American market the ZIBAR MK2 Vehicle.

Designed and built for a single Purpose in mind:
“High mobility over any terrain”.

The ZIBAR MK2 vehicle is a unique Off-Road automotive platform.
Adapted to harsh environmental conditions from the Sahara deserts to arctic regions.

With an impressive 4X4 Off-Road driveline specification.
A powerful V8 engine (diesel or gasoline options) and a robust driveline which enables it to handle hostile Terrain and tackle demanding Off-Road challenges.

The ZIBAR MK2 offers a unique flexible Platform, which can be easily and quickly tailored to the customer's needs, while maintaining Flexibility for later changes.

The ZIBAR MK2 platform offers unmatched military grade Functionality, Mobility, Survivability, High Maneuverability, and fast deployment times to any mission at hand.

Seeing is believing So we would like to invite You to our booth 37111,
At the SEMA Show 2012,