Specially Formulated Justice Brothers JB-80 Busts Rust And Lubricates All Metal Parts


Duarte, CA: Working with rusted or frozen bolts, or any rust locked metal parts, is always frustrating. Soaking with normal lubricants can be useless and usually a waste of time. But not with JB-80®, just soak a heavily corroded bolt for a few hours and simply spin it free. There is nothing that works better at rust busting than Justice Brothers JB-80. It can also be used for drilling, milling, lathe operations and even battery connections.
JB-80 is not just for eliminating automotive rust problems. It is a multi-use product for household problems as well. It will free up hinges, locks, window mechanisms and more. JB-80 displaces moisture and can penetrate into the tightest clearances to lubricate, stop squeaks and free up even heavily rusted items. It was specially formulated in the Justice Brothers laboratory, and contains JB Metal Conditioner®.
JB-80 is truly a multi-purpose product with hundreds of uses. Try it once and you’ll never use another lubricant again! To find out more about JB-80 and all of their other handy lubricants and automotive protection products visit www.justicebrothers.com.
For over 70-years JUSTICE BROTHERS has been a supplier of quality professional vehicle care products used worldwide. Manufactured in America, each JUSTICE BROTHERS additive and lubricant is custom blended to offer performance and reliability. Contact them at JUSTICE BROTHERS, 2734 E. Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010, (626) 359-9174, Fax: (626) 357-2550. Available only at professional car care centers.