neoOBD Offers Additional Bluetooth Services, Reverse Engineering Functions, and the Ability to Experiment Using Your Mobile Device


Las Vegas, NV - SEMA Show, Nov. 1st, 2011 - Intrepid Control Systems, Inc., a global provider of innovative tools to engineers in vehicle, test, and embedded engineering, today announced their neoOBD interface to overcome the limitations of interfacing aftermarket devices to today’s vehicles.


  •  The Bluetooth service offered in some production cars does NOT provide a stereo connection to the car’s sound system!
  • Many people would like to do more than simply monitor data that’s available via the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port in contemporary vehicles.  For instance, imagine it was possible to control your vehicle remotely (open windows, pop trunk, or tune the radio).
  •  Many aftermarket providers would like a simple tool for monitoring and trying out various functions they’d like to manufacture and sell to their customers.
  • No Android - or iPhone/iPad- enabled solution provides a fully-customizable interface to view OBD or additional vehicle bus data.  You are stuck with whatever interfaces they have provided to you and that’s it.


The neoOBD solves these problems by providing a device that connects directly with the car’s OBD port and your radio’s stereo AUX input.  Once connected, the neoOBD provides additional Bluetooth services to supplement the limited Bluetooth services standard in your vehicle:


    • Bluetooth with Stereo Audio (A2DP) – add STEREO audio for use with your mobile phone’s MP3 player or Pandora
    • Remote Control Protocol (AVRCP)
    • Vehicle Communications/Serial Port Profile (SPP)
    • Display OBD via CAN vehicle network (2004-present models)
    • Additional Body CAN controls and readings for Ford and GM Vehicles
    • High-current charging port to charge your mobile device from the OBD connector


To provide the interface on Android devices, the Sensor Spy software can be downloaded via the Android Market.  This software allows you to build a fully-customized interface:

  • Fully configure displays and controls via touch screen
  • Display gauges, graphs, indicators, buttons and other useful objects; each of which is connected to an OBD or non-OBD variable or control
  • Fully supported by reverse engineering tools to allow you to add your own vehicle-specific controls and displays 

To top it off, the neoOBD provides a mini-USB connector capable of high-current charging – this frees your car’s USB port and cigarette-lighter ports for other uses.

The neoOBD also provides additional security to allow only specific devices access and use of the neoOBD.

For those developing their own solutions for their vehicles, the neoOBD allows you to build scripts that run in addition to the standard functions, and implement your own functions directly – you can now try out reverse engineered functions or even incorporate the neoOBD as part of a product of your own.

All features are compatible with our neoECU and Vehicle Spy product lines, for use as a rapid product development platform.

Along with the neoOBD, Intrepid offers several pre-packed, low-cost modules: neoECU Chip, neoECU 10, neoECU 20, and neoECU 50. These devices can be rapidly configured to control and measure automotive signals.

Intrepid is available for hardware design, reverse engineering, scripting services, and consulting.

neoECU OBD Applications

  • OBD2 Interface Display to Mobile Device
  • Custom Tuners
  • Intelligent Network Based ECU Test Boxes
  • Car Alarm, Radio Mods, Disablers
  • Custom Vehicle Gauges
  • Custom Vehicle Controls

About Intrepid Control Systems...

Intrepid Control Systems is a global provider of innovative tools to engineers in vehicle, test, and embedded engineering. With thousands of customers worldwide, Intrepid provides embedded communication interfaces for protocols such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, J1850, Keyword 2000, UART, J1939, ISO14229 and GMLAN. Major customers include automotive and commercial vehicle OEMs from a wide variety of countries. Along with a global network of distributors, Intrepid has offices is the USA, Germany, China, Japan, India, and Australia for direct sales and support.