Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. Announces neoECU-10 for Rapid, Low-Cost Development of Aftermarket Mobile Accessories


Las Vegas, NV - SEMA Show, Nov. 1st, 2011 - Intrepid Control Systems, Inc., a global provider of innovative tools to engineers in vehicle, test, and embedded engineering, today announced their neoECU-10 for rapid, low-cost development of aftermarket mobile accessories.

The neoECU-10 is a pre-packaged microcontroller that contains a complete automotive ECU framework that includes out-of-box features such as: Digital/Analog I/O drivers; CAN and LIN support; low current sleep and automatic wakeup using automotive network management; and firmware drivers for standard vehicle protocols such as J1939, ISO14229, GMLAN, and J1979.  The neoECU-10 enables your development team to have a complete framework for an automotive ECU or gateway from day one of your project, greatly reducing development time and cost.

The biggest benefit is cost -- $199 for a single unit.  There is no other product on the market that allows you to develop a custom network bypass or gateway for this price.

Low-volume runs can be provided at significantly lower cost starting at $129, and private labeling is also available – allowing you to take your neoECU-10 directly to market immediately.

Intrepid Control Systems’ Vehicle Spy software allows engineers to build a custom ECU application using a graphical scripting environment.  Applications include custom bypasses, gateways, adaptors, and replacement ECUs. 

Along with neoECU-10, Intrepid offers several low-cost modules based on neoECU-10: neoECU-CHIP for economical large scale manufacturing of your solution, neoECU-20, and neoECU-50. These devices can be rapidly configured to control and measure automotive signals.

Intrepid is available for hardware design, reverse engineering, scripting services, and consulting .

neoECU Chip Applications

        Custom Bypass Modules

        Custom Network Gateways

        Vehicle Modifications for Handicap / User Mobility

        Vehicle Modifications for Fire, Ambulance, or Police applications.

        Custom Tuners

        ECU/Protocol Simulators

        Intelligent Network Based ECU Test Boxes

        Car Alarm, Radio Mods, Disablers

About Intrepid Control Systems...

Intrepid Control Systems is a global provider of innovative tools to engineers in vehicle, test, and embedded engineering. With thousands of customers worldwide, Intrepid provides embedded communication interfaces for protocols such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, J1850, Keyword 2000, UART, J1939, ISO14229 and GMLAN. Major customers include automotive and commercial vehicle OEMs from a wide variety of countries. Along with a global network of distributors, Intrepid has offices is the USA, Germany, China, Japan, India, and Australia for direct sales and support.