Mobsteel Launches New Mobile App for iPhone and Android Platforms at SEMA Show

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Mobsteel Launches New Mobile App for iPhone and Android Platforms at SEMA Show


Detroit, Michigan. (November 1, 2011) – Mobsteel, Detroit Specialty car builder, announced today the availability of its first mobile application for the Android and iPhone operating systems. 


Developed by Sauvé Media Marketing, the Mobsteel app is free and available to download from the iTunes Store and Android marketplace. The app delivers up-to-date vehicle reviews, photos, videos and more, geared specifically toward the Mobsteel enthusiast all optimized for a mobile reading experience. In addition to delivering the latest Mobsteel news straight to your smartphone, the Sauve Media Marketing team also designed the Mobsteel app to have a dual use as both a reference and entertainment tool. The app offers unique features including a live Twitter feed tied to the brand, Geo location and links to Mobsteel mayham. 


“We’ve worked hard to develop menacing features into the Mobsteel app, and we’ll continue to refine it based on feedback we receive from users,” said Mobsteel Owner, Adam Genei. “The Mobsteel app, is a resource designed to prevent us from punchin you in the Face.” 


Today’s announcement marks the latest addition to Sauvé Media Marketings mobile line-up. The company now boasts 40 mobile applications for iPhone and Android as well as dynamic, iPad optimized editions. In addition to producing applications for its own brands, Sauve Media Marketing has also developed and deployed a number of other media strategies for its third-party clients, including the development of mobile sites, in app applications for a variety of platforms including smartphones, tablets, connected TV, Facebook and Twitter. 


“Mobsteel has a large dedicated Fan Base” said John Sauvé. “We wanted to create an app that was both dynamic and engaging, a resource that is usable every day for reference and entertainment. We think Mobsteel users will be happy with the app as it initially rolls out and even more pleased when future updates come along.” 


About Mobsteel 

With innovative spirit, great design, and tough work ethic the past generations have laid a permanent template of how the industry operates today. Mobsteel's a Detroit area custom car shop famous for creating drop-dead cool vintage Lincoln Continentals. These luxury vehicles once driven by powerful  influencers of the past are brought back to life as modern day, “true gangster rides”.


About Sauvé Media Marketing 

Sauvé Media Marketing works to promote, educate and guide our customers into the mobile market place as easily as possible. Sauvé Media Marketing’s primary focus is to establish mobile as an indispensable part of our clients marketing mix. The division's strategy is to wholly focus on targeted  audiences by leveraging and expanding upon its core market-leading brands through a  multiplatform media approach. Sauvé Media Marketing also provides mobile design solutions and mobile consulting services.