BluePrint Engines launches new line of high-performance cylinder heads


Kearney, Neb. –  BluePrint Engines has introduced the first of its new line of high-performance Muscle Series™ cylinder heads for automotive enthusiasts looking for affordable power and outstanding performance—the 195cc S/B Chevy aluminum cylinder head.  The new line is also available for engine builders, jobbers and performance shops worldwide—and will include aluminum heads for both small and big block Chevys.

BluePrint Engines President Shawn Sterling explains that the company’s venture into cylinder heads reflects its commitment to serve the performance market in areas where it can clearly add value. “When it comes to price and performance, the BluePrint Muscle Series™ cylinder heads are in a class of their own,” says Sterling. “They’re a perfect fit for what we do, and we’re excited about the extra value these new performance heads bring to the market.”

The popularly sized 195cc S/B Chevy head goes right to the heart of the performance market. It comes fully assembled and is designed for hydraulic flat tappet and hydraulic roller cams. Key features include BluePrint performance ports and combustion that are as-cast, high-quality 21-4n stainless steel valves, Viton seals, double springs, and other high-performance features.

At $895 per pair, the low-cost, high-performance BluePrint Muscle Series™ cylinder head offers cost conscious car enthusiasts and engine builders a welcome alternative when performance and cost matter.

“We really hit the sweet spot when it comes to affordable performance,” says Shawn Sterling at BluePrint Engines.  “The numbers were particularly encouraging when we compared them to higher priced industry leaders,” he adds. “Intake and exhaust flows for our 195cc head, as cast, were nearly identical with competitive heads that retail for 27% more. We even did okay against CNC-ported heads that retail for almost $600 more. Bottom line, I think we hit our mark.”

Three more high-performance BluePrint Muscle Series™ aluminum cylinder heads are in production now and will be available later this winter. The entire line comes with a 12-month limited warranty.

BluePrint Engines is a major manufacturer of high-performance engines and components for automotive and marine enthusiasts and distributors worldwide. Founded in 1990, BluePrint Engines builds and delivers performance engines to customers worldwide. The company prides itself in being large enough to deliver the quality, pricing and reliability that its customers demand—yet small enough to offer great customer support.

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