Tire Brite and Plastic Renu by PowerSheen.com Prepares cars for winter

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Tire Brite and Plastic Renu by PowerSheen.com Prepares cars for winter - PowerSheen Tire Product will stay on till spring. New addition to Powersheen, PowerSheen Plastic Renu System.

PowerSheen proudly announces the new product that compliments its tire shine, PowerSheen Tire Brite.
PowerSheen Plastic Renu will renew bumpers and rear view mirrors after removing the oxidation buildup.
Both tire product and plastic renu will last through winter with application in November.
Sheen Coatings Co., is located in Wilder, Idaho and manufacture products in the USA.

Complete the summer cleanup and restoration with PowerSheen Plastic Renu and tire shine
PowerSheen Tire Brite.

One application of PowerSheen Products will keep tires and bumpers protected through winter snow.

PowerSheen Tire Brite customers state these things about the product

"I live in the high desert on dirt roads and my tires were always brown, but the PowerSheen product called Tire Brite has solved
the problem and now they stay nice and black." Don Joshua Tree, California

"I have the product and love it. It works just like advertised" - Michael

PowerSheen Tire Brite states their tire product dries in 5 minutes is water based and will not sling.   It lasts 4 months or longer. 

The tire product comes with a 16 oz. bottle of cleaner, an applicator, and the coating in a six ounce bottle which will cover 4 cars with two coatings or 30,000 miles.

The web site with full instruction video can be viewed on their web site PowerSheen.com.