New Holley Oil Pan For LS Engine Swaps

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New Holley Oil Pan For LS Engine Swaps

Bowling Green, KY--
Holley LS Retro-Fit Oil Pan
Holley is pleased to announce the release of their LS Retro-Fit Oil Pan (PN 302-1).  GM’s popular LS engines are finding their way into a large variety of vehicles. They make great power, plus they’re very durable and reliable. Unfortunately, the factory LS pans don’t always fit or they hang too low for today’s hot rods. Holley’s new LS Retro-fit Engine Oil Pan is designed to help. It provides maximum clearance to the chassis and ground, plus provides an OEM fitment for durability and proper sealing. 
The rear-sump design fits most GM muscle cars from 1955-1987 as well as providing an option for less common swaps. These 6-quart capacity (including oil filter) oil pans are cast aluminum, just as from the factory to ensure a perfect seal. The complete kit includes sump baffle, pick-up tube, sump plug, oil filter stud & oil passage cover.


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