Coverstep modular tonneau cover for your Work and Outdoor Activities


Coverstep: a Modular Tonneau Cover for your Pick-up Truck for work and leisure with all the security of a hard cover that can be used in combination for your tools, mountain bikes and camping needs.
The modular design enables you to buy not only to suit your budget, it becomes a system which can be used for a variety of purposes also enabling clearing the payload area of your Pick-up Truck in seconds.

 The Product's Unique Selling Points  - you can have pride in knowing you have bought a product for multi-functional use which makes clever use of space, is secure, lockable and easy to remove to gain access to your payload area in seconds

  • Each section can be bought individually and added to in any combination
  • Each section can be kept for ongoing personal use even if you sell your truck
  • Each section can be removed by an individual in seconds to gain full access to the payload area



Product History - Generating The Idea

This product is designed to help the Pick up Truck user to maximise the payload area and access to it. On examining current tonneau covers on the market, it was clear that existing designs were cumbersome, hard to remove, often difficult to install, therefore not meeting fully the needs of the user.

Coverstep is new, innovative, a patent pending tonneau cover that takes care of all these issues and allows the Pick up truck owner flexible, useful, adaptable, interlocking sections which can be removed single-handedly  in seconds. Each section is lockable and secure, water tight, and multi-functional.


We are attending SEMA as New Members, looking for Investment, Joint Venture and Distributors. To work with new orginizations and to see Coverstep produced in USA. Please ask for details at booth #38120