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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To produce interior Auto Accessories with creativity and originality, adding Style and Pleasure to the driving experience. Vision: To Offer quality Products wile being flexible to adapt to any Market changes, always keeping a sense of Aesthetics, along with a Marketing Campaign in order to become market leader in this segment.

Core values: Passion for Design: We are passionate about our business, and it shows in our innovated design and by having a

Teamwork: We will collaborate with our dealers to achieve common goals through mutual respect, openness and flexibility.

Integrity: We will build trust in all interactions by displaying consistently high standards of ethical and professional business practice.

In 1993 Shutt started operations in Brazil and established itself as one of the best brands of automotive accessories, maintaining its position as Market Leaders in interior accessories ever since. With over 300 items, such as steering wheels, shift knobs, pedal sets, emergency brake handles, door sill plates and racing wear. New innovated Unique and original designs have are the most evident features of our Company, with a full time research and development team led by the head designer as the company Owner, all that create a different approach to the way the company is managed, with the decisions and attitude coming from a different perspective.

The constant changing and development of new products is another characteristic that keeps our products fresh, interesting and in tune with current market trends. Our Marketing is active and constantly working to maintain and increase the High Perceived Value and brand recognition. Shutt has been established in Brazil for over 18 years as the #1 interior Accessories Manufacturer and maintains the Reputation of an undisputed Market Leader, Manufacturing over 300 items, such as steering wheels, shift knobs, pedal sets, emergency brake handles, door sill plates among other innovates products to the car enthusiasts everywhere. With an annual turnover of over 8 Million Dollars and approximately 220,000 products sold each year.

Shutt earned a solid and creditable position in the performance market that led to establish a loyal costumer base that went beyond the products itself to become a lifestyle inspired by the Shutt Brand With a constant yearly growth and success, to pick up on that momentum Shutt decided to explore new opportunities in other countries, so in 2007 Shutt Auto Accessories Inc started to facilitate the introduction of Shutt Products to the North American Market. With the Approval and support of the Brazilian Federal Agency for Exports (Apex) Shutt currently maintains a representation and warehouse in Miami, Florida. We take pride in maintaining a high quality product standard, the attention to details and original designs enable us to be set-apart from our competitors by offering fresh and unique products, wile staying on top of current market trends and styles. This attitude comes to fill a need from more discerning consumer, by offering it better Quality, Variety and Value.

Shutt believes that manufacturing a product goes beyond creating something that looks great, our designs involve extensive knowledge, technology and market research to create the kind of products that exceed our consumer’s expectations. And for that reason Shutt has a team of full-time designers that equipped with the latest technologies and resources, they maintain an ongoing process of creating and improving new products and designs. There’s a constant investment in marketing and advertising, including full page ads in several related magazines in Brazil and United States and Canada. Because of that close long term relationship with the media, Shutt is always invited to participate in events and promotions that help improve and maintain brand recognition and preference among the public.

To illustrate that, Shutt Collects Awards such as Brazil Top of Mind Award for 6 consecutive years, Our new Product releases are awarded yearly with multiple Sema Gobal Media awards, but the best of all is the great feedback from consumers who evolve into fans of our brand. Our Marketing efforts constantly involve participation on the most prestigious tradeshows and conferences. We often get involved in promoting, sponsoring and participating in cultural and social events. Because Shutt is associated with Apex (a Federal Government Agency that promotes Brazilian Exports), And actively participates in the “Experience our Energy” marketing program ( This program promotes Brazilian products by becoming one of the main sponsors for the entire Indy Car Season since 2009.

This partnership provides Shutt with: - Access to exhibition of products to the public. - VIP racing packages to potential buyers. - Participation in events, promotions and networking with drivers, team owners and racing celebrities. We want to thank you and invite you to consider partnering with us: either by becoming a Dealer and growing with us, or by having our products in your vehicle, you will feel the same Pride and Excitement as we did when we made them.