Pareto Point Industries Introduces Tran-X: A Filtration System for Automatic Transmissions


Pareto Point Industries (PPI) introduces Tran-X a bypass-grade (2 micron) filtration system for continuously cleaning transmission fluids.  Tran-X is specifically designed for automatic transmissions with spin-on oil filters, such as the Duramax/Allison.  Tran-X is easy and fast to install; and the bolt-on design requires no transmission modification.

According to Adan Reinosa, P.E, PPI’s President, “By removing damaging contaminants, Tran-X optimizes transmission performance, providing for better and smoother shifting, and contributing to a longer transmission life cycle.  Given the cost for a new or even a rebuilt transmission, and the significant down-time that would be required, this is very inexpensive insurance.” 

Pareto Point Industries is a US manufacturer of advanced oil management products, including MagDog, TopDog V, ProDog, and APLS (Advanced Pulsed Lubrication System).  Our products provide engine asset protection for racing, off-road, enthusiast, and light fleet vehicles.   Our website is, and our contact phone number is 323 726-2199.