Paint Wrap Pro Electrostatic Aerosol Sprayer


Turn An Ordinary Can Of Spray Paint
Into An Extraordinary Paint Spraying Machine!

Now aerosol paint users can enjoy all the benefits of professional electrostatic painting at a fraction of the cost!
           • Reduces paint waste
           • Environmentally friendly
           • Saves time and money
           • Improves finish quality

How It Works … The new PAINT WRAP PRO, electrostatic aerosol sprayer, works like a magnet to draw aerosol paint to the object being painted. Remember the old adage “opposites attract?” That’s what makes electrostatic painting work. Utilizing a 9-volt battery, the PAINT WRAP PRO imparts a charge to the paint as it exists the sprayer and the part being painted is grounded …. opposites attract.

A standard aerosol can will only paint the area directly in front of the nozzle.  With the PAINT WRAP PRO electrostatic aerosol sprayer, the paint is literally drawn to the metal part being painted, wrapping around the edges, reducing paint waste and saving time. And you’ll get a more beautiful finish!

Designed and constructed to provide trouble free performance, project after project, the PAINT WRAP PRO is the answer to helping aerosol users enjoy the electrostatic benefits that commercial spray painters and production environments have known for years.

The All-Around Better Way To Spray Aerosol Paint!