PH2 Solutions Validator Wins MOTOR Magazine Top 20 Tools Award


West Orange, NJ, October 11, 2011 - PH2 Solutions, Inc.(PH2) the only provider of rapid emission repair validation software, is pleased to announce it has received the coveted Top 20 Tools Award from MOTOR Magazine for their PH2 ValidatorSM diagnostic software. This is the 20th year the publication has issued annual awards for which the winners are chosen for introducing a truly new and innovative product introduced between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. Both foreign and domestic companies submit entries to compete for this prestigious award.

MOTOR Magazine will present PH2 Solutions President, Mark L. Scotland and his Team with the Top 20 Tools Award at the SEMA/AAPEX convention, the largest Automotive Aftermarket show in North America, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 1-4, 2011. The PH2 Validator will be showcased at SEMA under New Products in South Hall for First Time & Featured Exhibits. PH2 Solutions staff will be on hand at Booth #31257 to present their product to the automotive repair industry.

The award culminates years of research and development in the area of vehicle On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD) systems that monitor emission components and related emission levels that can ultimately affect the vehicles performance, gas mileage and carbon footprint on the environment.  One of the well known warning lights on the vehicle dashboard is the OBD “Check Engine Light.”

The “Check Engine Light” is often a problem for both motorist and repair technicians.  The amount  of time it can take vehicles to become emission compliant can take days, weeks or hundreds of miles of driving yet still may result in a returning “Check Engine Light.”  The PH2 Validator limits this process to no more than a 10 mile drive.

The PH2 Validator assists repair technicians by dramatically shortening the overall repair process which benefits them and more importantly, their customer base (the motorist.)  “Within a 10 mile test drive you can validate check engine light repairs on OBD Domestic, Asian, and European makes and models," said Mark L. Scotland, President and CEO of PH2. "We saw a need to provide technicians with a way to know if the repair they made to an emissions system corrected the problem.  Historically, after a repair the on-board computer must be reset so it can internally evaluate and confirm repair accuracy and emission compliance.  Since there is no way of knowing exactly how long this will take, vehicles are typically given back to the motorist to drive with the hope that all will go well.  Unfortunately, that means a lot of driving and perhaps a comeback to the shop when the Check Engine Light comes back on.” 

The PH2 Validator and its patented technology not only get a quick decision for the tech, it will also provide a roadmap for why OBDII monitors are not completing which will help the tech resolve the issue. 

For more information on the PH2 Validator go to  or call 973-902-5517.


About PH2 Solutions:

Since 2008, PH2 Solutions, Inc. has provided diagnostic services and developed commercial diagnostic software for auto repair shops and technicians across selected states, saving thousands of hours of diagnostic time and hundreds of thousands of miles in test drives thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint from vehicle emissions.