Grex Announces the Tritium Series Airbrushes at SEMA 2011


Alhambra, CA — October 14, 2011 — Grex Airbrush will be showing for the first time at the SEMA show this year their pistol style Tritium Series airbrushes.

Grex Tritium airbrushes represents their premium line of double action pistol style trigger airbrushes. Their intuitive easy-to-use design appeals to beginners, yet their fine detail control and comfortable operation makes them appeal to professionals as well.

Grex Tritium airbrushes are a comprehensive line that can accommodate to your airbrushing preferences - top or side gravity, left or right hand, big or small reservoir, fine or wide spraying. These are feature packed airbrushes and you'll find the same reliable, high performance quality you've come to expect from any Grex product.

Grex Tritium airbrushes come in two forms - Tritium.TG, a top gravity version and Tritium.TS, a side gravity version. Each version is available in three different models with either a 0.2mmm, 0.3mm or 0.5mm nozzle size.

Other than feed type, features of the Tritium.TG and Tritium.TS are the same. Which one to choose is really a matter of preference.

The nozzle size on any of the Tritium airbrushes can be changed with optional conversion kits.

Additional adpaters further add to the versatility of these products allowing the artist to utilize paint reservoirs, cups, bottles and accessories from other brands and manufacturers.

About Grex Airbrush: Grex's philosophy in offering high quality products have allowed it to gain a well-known reputation worldwide since 1995. Grex continues to spearhead with innovative and original products to surpass the expectations of consumer needs.


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