Super Spare Tire Repair

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Finally, a one of a kind instant tire repair and inflating system that doesn’t leave you flat. 

Super Spare is the most innovative tire repair system on the market today. Super Spare is reliable, affordable, reusable and features a unique one of a kind transfer system that allows air to be utilized from all available air sources (spare tire, other tires, etc) creating a safe driving pressure.

Flat tires are never convenient and happen to just about everyone.  Take the hazard out of your flat with Super Spare. Our patented 2-minute sealing and inflating system will have you back on the road in minutes.

Super Spare is non-flammable and because it’s not under any pressure can be stored safely in your vehicle at all times. Our product washes out of the tire with water making tire repair possible and safe for tire sensors.

Replenish your Super Spare with our 2-pack recharge bottles. Super Spare can be used on cars, trucks, ATVs, lawn tractors, bikes, and numerous other items.

Experience a sense of security when traveling with Super Spare, order yours today and learn more by logging onto:

 Don’t be left flat. Order your Super Spare Today!