Firestone Industrial Products Offers New No-Drill Suspension Accessories


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC announces a variety of install accessories are available for quicker, easier installation of the manufacturer’s Air-Rite™ air accessory systems, which enable drivers to conveniently adjust Firestone’s line of air helper springs using its own air compressor, not an outside source of air.

The No Drill Electronic/Remote Air Command™ Frame Mount (part # WR1-760-2529) includes the necessary brackets and plates for technicians to easily mount the Air-Rite air accessory system to the vehicle frame without any drilling. Most Air-Rite air accessory systems include an air compressor, in-dash gauge and control switch, air line, fittings and fasteners. Drivers can customize their 12-volt system by choosing a Light Duty, Standard Duty, or Heavy Duty Compressor, and a Classic, Electric, or Remote Control Gauge. The air pressure adjustments can be made by using a controller installed near the driver or a remote.

“By using our no drill frame mounts, technicians can avoid drilling up to eight holes into the vehicle – simply bolt the air accessory system onto the plate, then bolt the plate to the side rails,” said Todd Green, regional sales manager, Firestone Industrial Products, Ride-Rite™ division. “For shop owners, having the ability to pre-assemble the mounts before a customer arrives cuts down on lift time, which results in savings for the shop.”

Firestone also offers a No Drill Combo Kit (part #WR1-760-2530) that provides a no drill option for an air compressor plus a tank installation, as well as a Fuse Circuit Tap Kit (part #WR1-760-2526) to tap into the fuse box in the engine compartment without having to splice into wires.

Firestone offers a line of Complete Suspension Solutions. For more information, visit their booth #23013 or online at