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Engines and transmissions glide in and out with a few turns of a socket wrench

Sagle, Idaho (Sept, 2010) -  Watching half a ton of big block V8 and transmission swinging inches away from a freshly painted firewall can be enough to give the bravest mechanic nightmares. The new Pivot Plate from Mac's Tie-Downs allows the angle of the engine and trans to be easily adjusted while on the hoist to ease engine installation and removal of even the most unwieldy engine combinations.


The Mac's Pivot Plate bolts to the intake manifold and has an arm which allows a complete V-8 engine and transmission to tilt up to a thirty-five degree angle to ease installation and removal from tight engine compartments without scratching paint. Besides being friendly to new bodywork, the Pivot Plate allows mechanics to quickly and safely perform engine and trans swaps, re-align the engine dowel pins to the transmission, or perform alignment of racing engine and transmission mounts in a fraction of the time it takes with other methods. Engines and transmissions can be tilted for install, and then straightened and bolted in while still on the hoist, eliminating the need for a jack under the transmission.


The Pivot Plate's Grade 8 cap screws are rated for up to a 1500 lb. capacity and safe for all iron and aluminum manifolds. The direct bolt-on design eliminates the problem of finding a place to attach chains to keep the engine level side to side. The high quality components will not bend like other adjustable lift plates, and the action is so smooth, turning it requires less than 25 foot pounds!


Perfect for jobbers, racers, installation shops and any automotive or marine enthusiast, the Pivot Plate fits most two and four barrel carbureted V8 intake manifolds, and adapters are available for racing specific and unusual applications as well as fuel injected engines.


Mac's Custom Tie-Downs was founded in 1993, when founder Colin McLemore realized there was a need for high quality tie-down systems for trailers and truck beds. Mac's patented VersaTie System sets new standards in vehicle tie-down safety and technology. Mac's Tie-Downs has a complete line of track, connectors, deck and specialty hardware and a complete line of tie-down straps. All products are made to the highest quality and strength standards. Special features include: double stitching on straps, CNC machining on all track, highest grade connector materials, and simple, easy-to-use components. For the finest quality tie-down components, complete security, fully stocked inventory and first class service, order from the best: www.macstiedowns.com 1-800-666-1586. 

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