RZR XP Shocks - Cognito Motorsports

Cognito spec, Fox racing shocks for the 2011-2012 RZR XP offer even more than the Fox upgrade stages for your stock XP shocks!

What do these Cognito Polaris RZR XP shocks have that your stock shocks don’t? Keep reading!

-Bottom Out Cup, position sensitive technology for extra damping in the last 25% of shock travel to help prevent a shock bottom out situation. This feature is exclusive to Cognito Motorsports, you will not find this in the Stage 1,2 or 3 upgrade kits from Fox!

-High speed compression adjustment, external

-Low speed compression adjustment, external

-Rebound adjustment, external

-High flow racing piston with continuous wear band to provide less oil flow restriction and thus more consistent damping.

These shocks will use the OEM coil springs, spring hardware, and mounting reducers from the RZR XP stock shocks, thus allowing Cognito to offer these shocks at an incredibly low price! Vigorous testing has been done with this combination on and off the race track, and the results are phenomenal! These OEM components can be easily swapped from the stock shocks to the new Cognito spec RZR XP shocks. Then bolt them on and notice the night and day difference in the suspension performance of your XP! No need to rebuild your factory shocks with an upgrade because you will not get the Bottom Out Cup technology that is exclusive to Cognito!