Namanny Sports & Entertainment, Inc. introduces Vehicle Bandage and Micro-Reality Drag Racing and much more.


(Atlantic, Iowa, October 4, 2011) – Namanny Sports & Entertainment, Inc. announces 4 NEW Products coming to the SEMA Show. (Booth # 30257)

Vehicle Bandage is a new fun and funny way to fix that dent, scratch, blemish or rust. Just put the Big Bandage over the effected area and it’s fixed. Vehicle Bandage comes in 2 sizes

7” X 30” or 6” X 24” Sticker or Magnetic. Great impulse novelty item for parts stores or convenience stores. Also a great way for body shops to promote their shops by handing out Vehicle Bandage with customized logos and business information on them. For more info. Check us out at BOOTH # 30257 or   


Micro-Reality Drag Racing is a great follow up to Micro-Reality Stock Car Racing Systems used by many marketing companies and driven by most NASCAR driver to promote many different products. Micro-Reality Drag Racing is a 1/10 scale Slot car drag racing system. The track is 48 ft. long with 3 different shift zones. As the cars are lined up and the drivers are waiting for the Christmas Tree to count down to green the shifter is in neutral

(Don’t shift to soon or you will red light), when the light turn green they shift from neutral to first gear as the cars approach the first shift zone, they will shift into 2nd gear (Don’t shift to early or to late or you’ll lose power). As the cars approach Second shift zone they shift into 3rd gear and first one across the finish line WINS! Then the cars automatically reset and are ready to race again. Best 2 out of 3 races win.

Watch the video at of the Drag Racing Action - See more about Stock Car Racing


Victory Lane Burnout if you’re serious about marketing and drawing a crowd that will make a lasting impression and get all your money back in just media coverage. You’ll want to check out the video on Victory Lane Burnout at

Strike Zone™ Mobile Batting Cage

Add the excitement of the Big League to your Fairs, Festivals, Company Picnics, Birthday Parties, Baseball & Softball Season, Camps, Outdoor Malls, Grand Openings and Bar-mitzvahs with the NEW (Patent Pending) Strike Zone™ Mobile Batting Cage. This action packed interactive crowd pleaser keeps your customers entertained and coming back.

The Strike Zone™ is mobile so you can go where the money is!  The Batting Cage is just under 40 feet long, 8½ feet wide and only 11 feet tall. You can easily pull entertainment almost anywhere!  Roll in, level the four corners and fold down the stairs. Set out the bats and helmets and watch the customers start lining up.


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