After 16 years of selling its award-winning Leather Therapy products in the equestrian marketplace, and taking its experience and technology in solving tough leather problems like the damaging UV rays, oxidation, drying and mold and mildew due to the elements, Leather Therapy is introducing them to the automobile market.

Established history. Proven results. Why Leather Therapy? Leather demands proper maintenance so that even with rugged use it can last indefinitely without showing signs of wear and tear.

Leather Therapy provides the finest in leather maintenance to the discriminating consumer or the solution to the leather restoration of a cherished classic vehicle. In keeping with our company philosophy of environmental integrity, all products are safe, biodegradable and earth friendly.

Since 1995, Leather Therapy products have won product and trade awards, "beast of the best" from a leading trade magazine, two "product of the year" awards and recognition from the USA Patent Office and EPA for the mold inhibiting properties in Leather Therapy's Restorer/Conditioner.

Leather Therapy also protects vinyl and synthetic surfaces from damaging UV Rays and oxidation due to the elements, which over time form dry, dulling layers.

Leather Therapy makes leather behave.... Beautifully. Strong reliable products born from the need to maintain and care for all types of leather goods.

Made in the USA. Available soon through PEP Boys and other fine dealers.