Modify Your Underhood Compartment With Hose Candy Vacuum and Turbo Hose Quick-Coupler System


BICKNELL, Utah – Oomph! Labs introduces Hose Candy® – a quick-coupler system designed to transform the look, performance and efficiency of vacuum and turbo hoses of any vehicle.

Hose Candy turns all connections into quick-couplers and prevents breaking vacuum lines, making it easy and painless to perfectly seal or disconnect all types of hoses with just a quick twist.

The Hose Candy kits feature aluminum CNC quick couplers that prevent vacuum leaks, can withstand high underhood temperatures and allow users to quickly attach diagnostic equipment for vacuum and pressure gauge readings.  The fittings are rated for -30 inches of vacuum and 135 PSI of pressure.  Also included in the kits are rubber vacuum boots and modular quick-twist fittings that include elbows, straights, couplers, plugs, reducers, unions and tees for all common hose sizes: 1/4-inch, 1/8-inch, 3/16-ich and 5/32-inch.

“Hose Candy is ideal for all vacuum and pressure actuated components, and it delivers both a performance and an aesthetic improvement to the engine thanks to their leak-proof design and various color options,” said Jon Petty, CEO and founder of Oomph! Labs.  “The CNC rotators are available in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, gold, black, silver, purple and carbon fiber.”

Available for a variety of vehicles, Hose Candy works on turbo systems; vacuum-operated carburetors; air intake systems; vacuum-advance mechanisms; EGR fittings; evaporative emission controls; MAP sensors; crankcase breathers; boost controllers; wiper systems transmitting vacuum or fluid.

Hose Candy is available in three kit sizes depending on application needs.  The Hose Candy 1836 Master Kit includes CNC fittings and quick couplers to customize 18-36 hoses and is recommended for professional installers, performance shops and race teams.  Hose Candy 918 can customize 9-18 hoses and Hose Candy 48, which is ideal for EFI applications or smaller projects, includes fittings to customize 4-8 hoses.

The kits include all necessary components and fitting sizes.  Hose Candy performance silicone hoses must be ordered separately and are available in red, black or blue.

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