Take the ugly out of electrical wiring


The HAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY has added a new twist to your electrical wiring appearance problems.  The goal of the Hal Development Co. is to take the ugly out of automotive electrical wiring.   Have you been avoiding wiring your "ride" because the wires are so difficult to conceal?  These new products from HAL are sold under the trade name HAL STUFF.  All of the Hal Stuff products are designed to add chrome and polished stainless beauty to your wiring needs.  Our product components are engineered to link together like tinker toys, providing the user with endless application freedom. 

We market both individule components and complete kits.  A starter kit consists of an assortment of components designed to get your project cooking.  Our choke cover kit provides all the parts required to clean up your electric choke and it's associated wiring.  All of the major components are either "show chrome" plated or polished 304 stainless steel.

Spark plug wire management is always a problem. Our new plug wire management system takes the worry out of routing your plug wires.  This new product is comprised of polished aluminum, 304 stainless, and chrome plated components.  This new product not only routes the wires but also provides protection from excessive engine heat.  How many times have you suffered a "wire melt down"?  This new technology not ony looks beautiful but is highly functional to boot.


Our company is located in the majistic Sierra mountains of Northern California.  We are dedicated to expanding our product line with the innovation required to meet your custom car needs.  We are still small enough to listen to your concerns.  You have a direct link.  All of our products can be viewed on the hal-stuff.com website.





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