Industrial Molds Group Adds Machine Tool, Automation Technology


Industrial Molds Group, a  Rockford, IL-based manufacturer of injection molds for thermoplastic components for the automotive industry, has invested over $1,000,000 in state-of-the-art machine tool, automation and software technology over the past two years. As a premier mold supplier to Tier 1 automotive companies, Industrial Molds Group stays on the cutting edge of mold technology to ensure its Tier 1 customers innovation and creativity in part design assistance, mold design and mold build.

The company's high-speed machining centers, its use of automation and collaborative engineering process, along with an engineering team gives customers decades of combined experience and expertise in engineering molds designed for manufacturability, and provides optimum cycle time and automation to reduce overall cost-to-manufacture.

For over 40 years, Industrial Molds Group has been surprising its customers with innovative solutions to challenging mold/molding problems. Industrial Molds Group specializes in all types of molds for a variety of processing technologies including two-shot, two-material, insert molding and more, for optimum molding of engineering thermoplastic materials for complex automotive components.

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