Patented Smooth Custom Door Handles


Finally, custom smooth door handles by Kindig-It Design!! 


Kindig-It Design, a Salt Lake City based hot rod shop, has taken the concept of the once sought after shaved door handles, to the next custom level.

Kindig-It Design's patented Smooth Door Handles can be modified to fit any door handle and adds a phenomenal look to your ride, while delivering simple form and function.  The handles are handcrafted in house at Kindig-It Design and can be ordered in two different finishes, bare metal or polished chrome.

With each set of door handles purchased, Kindig-It Design includes a step by step installation manual and template.  Kindig-It Design does however recommend professional installation for optimal desired results.

These universal, smooth door handles, take your ride instantly to the custom level.

Order your set today!