New Ultra Mini Vertical Angle Head Pneumatic Sander and Grinder


Master Air Tool companies, ISO 9001:2008 Certified pneumatic tool manufacturer, will release its latest Master Pneumatic ultra mini vertical angle head air sander and grinder lines in upcoming SEMA show. The new tools aim at providing better performance and productivity to automotive assembling lines and tool users to work on small size components and projects located in limited space and hard to reach area. The smart and ergonometric design is for auto parts and components making and auto repair industries.

The new ultra mini vertical angle head design extends tool working capacity which allows tool users to craft swiftly, effectively at very limited space and hard to reach areas. The total tool length including ultra mini vertical angle head is 4.3” and the angle head height has been modified from original 1.733” to 1.339”, which drastically reduced 0.4” in height. If tool user compare to traditional vertical angle head pneumatic sander and grinders, the height is reduced more than 1” at least.

Additional features also include energy saving with lower air exhaust rating, ultra mini vertical angle height at 1.339”, palm size, light weight, low noise rating without losing pneumatic power and functionality, and lower costs.
Buyers who are interested in more detail product information shall contact Cindy Chou at or visit Master Air Tool Website or call 1.501.255.0331 ext. 22 or visit us at Booth No. 10674 from 11/01/2011 to 11/04/2011 at SEMA Show.

Master Pneumatic Ultra Mini Vertical Angle Head sander and grinder