COMEUP Seal DS Series - 9,500 lb Self-Recovery Winch


COMEUP proudly present the new-generation Seal Series 9,500 lb line pulling capacities high performance self-recovery winches that include six models: Seal DS-9.5, Seal DS-9.5s, Seal DS-9.5rs, Seal DS-9.5i, Seal DS-9.5si and Seal DS-9.5rsi.  In addition to numeric model code, whole new DS-9.5 winch is assigned a new name “Seal” representing its submersible capability. Seal Series will come in fully sealed transmission system with extreme-duty water resistance and Automatic full load Cone Brake Structure (CBS). The advantage of CBS - “Brake outside the drum” - allows rapid heat dispersion. It is ideally suited to heat-sensitive synthetic ropes. Meanwhile, heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed. 4 equally positioned pin holes ensure seamless clutch transmission for rapid payout of wire rope with ease. It provides utmost performance with less weight by a 90° rotating clutch position to sit flexibly in front of the vehicle.

Seal Series Self-Recovery Winch is rated at 4,309 kg line pull with a 3-stage planetary gear at 159:1 gear ratio and equipped with a 3,730w/12V high torque series wound motor. It performs exceptionally fast line pull of 19 mpm at no load and 2.1 mpm at full load. In addition, Seal Series winch global warranty process, one year on electrical parts and limited lifetime on all mechanical parts, makes it the most friendly Warranty process in winch industry: More advanced, Seal Series are equipped with a smart device of LED protective thermal sensor to ensure safety winching operation.

Come and experience the incredible total sealed, powerful and fast electric winch from COMEUP. Check out the color-box package of Seal series self-recovery winch and listen to the whisper of the wild…. Contact your sales representative now for further information.