Attendee Guidelines

In order to maintain a business atmosphere at AAPEX and the SEMA Show, we ask your cooperation in complying with these policies as a condition of your attendance:

  • When Show Management* scans your badge, your personal information is processed pursuant to Show Management’s legitimate interest in tracking attendance, traffic flow, and providing a better Show for attendees. To withdraw consent, contact Show Management (see below).
  • By allowing exhibitors to scan your badge, you consent to Show Management sharing your registration information with them, and they may then contact you regarding their goods or services. Please review their privacy policies for additional information. If you do not want to share your information, do not permit the exhibitor to scan your badge. If you do not want to receive communications from an exhibitor, you must contact that exhibitor directly.

*Show Management includes AAPEX Show Management (Auto Care Association, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers and William T. Glasgow, Inc.) and SEMA Show Management (Specialty Equipment Market Association & Performance Racing, Inc.—SEMA).


  • No credits or refunds will be processed for registration cancellation, or no shows. Badges are not transferable.
  • Your badge permits you to enter both AAPEX and the SEMA Show for all days of the Show. This registration application is to attend, if qualified, AAPEX and the SEMA Show ONLY, and does not provide access to SEMA Fest.
  • Badges are the property of AAPEX and the SEMA Show and must be surrendered upon request. Badges must be worn in plain view at all times.
  • Badges CANNOT be reproduced, transferred, or resold. All AAPEX and SEMA Show attendees and exhibiting personnel must be prepared to provide a matching, valid government-issued ID (such as a driver's license or passport) upon request. Show Management reserves the right to refuse admission and revoke your badge at any time.
  • Documentation demonstrating direct, professional employment within the automotive industry trade may be requested by Show Management at any time during your visit to the Shows. (Show exhibitors and media are subject to different credentialing requirements.)
  • Replacement badge: A $120 on-site badge reprint fee applies on all Show days. ($399 for NEM, FIN, MSB and VMO registrants.). Limit one (1) reprint per person.
  • No substitutions, credits or refunds for registration fees will be provided.


  • It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to take care of any government visa requirements and allow sufficient time for the visa entry application process. Attendees should contact their nearest Embassy or Consulate to determine the appropriate timing and requirements related to their visa application. AAPEX and SEMA will not contact Embassies and Consulates on behalf of visa applicants or provide any other assistance relating to visa issues. There is a box to check during the online registration process to request a visa letter of invitation. You must register before the visa letter can be sent, and the letter may only be made for the individual's name and company in his or her registration record.


  • 'Suitcasing' refers to the practice of attending a trade show or 'working the aisles' from a suitcase, briefcase, or tote bag, soliciting business from other attendees and exhibitors. For the good of the Show and the exhibitors supporting the Show, the only legitimate place to conduct business during the Show hours is within contracted exhibit space on the Show floor. Exhibiting companies are encouraged to report any violations to Show Management. Attendees observed soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, or in another company's booth, will be ejected from the Show, their badge revoked, and may be banned from future AAPEX / SEMA events at the sole discretion of Show Management.
  • If during the qualification process, Show Management finds your company to be classified as a non-exhibiting company (NEM), the higher registration fee of $399 will be applied to your registration. Companies that are qualified to exhibit, but are not exhibiting in the Shows this year (but want their personnel to attend the Shows) are limited to two (2) people attending, no more than two (2) Shows. This limit and the higher fee apply to non-exhibiting companies only.
  • Non-exhibiting Manufacturers/Service Providers badges are for the sole purpose of viewing the AAPEX and the SEMA Show to consider future exhibiting opportunities. There is a limit of two (2) registrants per company for no more than two (2) years.
  • If during the qualification process, Show Management finds your company to be classified as a Financial Investment Service (FIN), the higher registration fee of $399 will be applied to your registration. FINs are not limited to a certain number of qualified registrations; however, the higher $399 fee applies to each FIN registration.
  • Non-exhibiting Manufacturers/Service Providers are not permitted to have merchandise, samples, or catalogs.
  • Showrooms, hospitality suites, special presentations or sponsorship of any activity cannot be hosted by Non-exhibiting Manufacturers/Service Providers anywhere in Las Vegas during AAPEX and the SEMA Show.
  • Anyone who is observed approaching buyers in the aisles or in an exhibitor's booth not their own, will be removed.


  • In the interest of maintaining a professional atmosphere, attendees must wear appropriate apparel at all times. Business or semi-business attire is suggested. Logos and sayings on apparel must be in good taste. Show Management reserves the right to make determinations on appropriate apparel.
  • Random distribution of promotional material or business cards or selling of product of any type is not allowed.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the The Venetian Expo, Caesars Forum & Las Vegas Convention Center.
  • No one under the age of 16 years, including infants will be allowed on to the exhibit floors. Show Management does not provide any child-care or babysitting services on-site. Use of a school ID is not acceptable to prove age unless it provides a date of birth.
  • Drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Hoverboards, and personal mobility devices--such as Segways, skateboards, skates, and scooters (motorized or foot-powered) are NOT allowed at AAPEX and the SEMA Show. No Exceptions. This includes all non-ADA-approved mobility devices. FAA regulations require UAVs/Drones to be flown at least 5 miles from any active airport. The Venetian Expo, Caesars Forum and Las Vegas Convention Center are less than 5 miles from the Harry Reid International Airport. Any of these items reported or found at the Shows will be confiscated until Show end Friday, November 8. PLEASE leave these items at home!
  • Fireworks, weapons, explosives, and firearms of all kinds are prohibited in all premises of the AAPEX and the SEMA Shows. This prohibition applies to interior and exterior Show facilities, including parking areas, and applies to all vehicles and displays whether the weapons are permanently or temporarily affixed. Any exceptions to this policy must be granted in writing by Show Management. Violations of this policy can result in the violator being banned from the Shows and Show facilities.
  • In compliance with the ADA, service animals --as defined by the ADA--are permitted at the Shows. Other live animals, including comfort, emotional support or therapy animals, pets, and animals used for demonstrations of any kind are not allowed. Show Management reserves the right to prohibit service animals if they pose a threat or safety concern to anyone attending, exhibiting, or working our Events. The handler/owner of the service animal is responsible for the care and supervision of his or her animal. If the animal is not under control or is disruptive or not housebroken, Show Management may require it to be removed from the Show premises.


  • AAPEX and the SEMA Show have taken enhanced health and safety measures—for you, our attendees, exhibitors, and vendors. You must follow all posted instructions while visiting AAPEX and the SEMA Show venues, as well as attendee guidelines.


  • AAPEX and the SEMA Show owners are authorized to make and may use, without limitation, notification or compensations, audio and/or visual recordings of activities at their Trade Shows, as the names of the companies and participants of the Shows.
  • Professional video crews must carry the official video pass at either Show.
  • At AAPEX and the SEMA Show, photographs and personal videos are permitted with the exhibitors only. Please see FAQs for more information.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in AAPEX and the SEMA Show, the participant herby grants AAPEX and the SEMA Show and it assigns:

  • Full and unconditional permission to make still or motion pictures and any other type(s) of audio or visual recordings of participants activities and participation in AAPEX and the SEMA Show event and at the site of the event before, during and after the event.
  • The exclusive, worldwide and perpetual rights to use the same, together with name, voice, image, likeness, actions and biography of participant along with the names, likeness of data of, or relating to, participant’s products and display, for publicity, advertising, endorsements, promotion and any other kind or type of exhibition or exploitations, whether or not for profit, in print, audio, video and other communications media by reproduction and sale or other distribution by any and all means now known or hereafter developed.