Press Conferences


As of 8/29/13

Monday, November 4
1:00-1:20pm, N231-233 - AkzoNobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings: Sustainability Education Challenge Grant

Tuesday, November 5
8:00 – 8:50am, LVH Ballroom A - SEMA: New Products Breakfast, featuring the SEMA Award Press Conference
9:00 – 9:20am, Booth Number 10809 - KIA Motors America Inc.: Kia Press Conference
9:30-9:50am, Booth Number 24987 - American Honda Motor Co. Inc.: World Debut and Big Performance Parts News From Honda
10:00-10:20am, Booth Number 24801 - Toyota Motor Sales USA: Toyota Dream, Build Challenge
10:30-10:50am, Booth Number 24387 - Hyundai Motor America: A Showcase of Hyundai's SEMA Vehicles
11:00-11:20am, Booth Number 22220 - Ford Motor Company: Ford Press Conference
11:30-11:50am, Booth Number 23743 - General Motors LLC: Performance, Corvettes and Trucks
12:00-1:00pm, Grand Lobby, Adjacent to SEMA Association Center -  WD-40 Co.: Introducing the WD-40/SEMA Cares Project Vehicle
1:00-1:20pm, Media Center, N110 - Coker Tires: Corky Coker has a new show debuting on Travel Channel
1:30-1:50pm, Booth Number 11293 - West Coast Customs: TBD
2:00-2:20pm, Booth Number 21601 - Lexus: Lexus Press Conference
2:30-2:50pm, Booth Number 21441 - BASF Corp.: Ryan Friedlinghaus from West Coast Customs Unveils Custom Scion FR-S
3:00-3:20pm, Booth Number 23543 - MagnaFlow Exhaust Products: Magnaflow enters the motorcycle market and announces a new partnership with Arlen Ness Motorcycles
3:30-3:50pm, Featured vehicle area outside Central Hall - Banks Power/Gale Banks Engineering: Mike Ryan's Banks Super-Turbo Pikes Peak Freightliner
4:00-4:20pm, Booth Number 23713 - Royal Purple Inc.: Ring Brothers Feature Vehicle Unveiling Presented By Royal Purple
4:40-5:40pm, Booth Number 43141 - Chrysler Group LLC: Mopar on the Move!

Wednesday, November 6
8:00-8:20am, Booth Number 11855 - Gentex Corporation: Gentex OEM Accessories Press Conference (Breakfast Press Conference)
9:00-9:30am, Booth Number 22359 - HRE Performance Wheels: PureVision Unveils TT '72 Cam, aro at HRE Wheels
9:30-9:50am, Booth Number 23127 - MSD Performance: We Need To Talk: A Revealing Conversation With Your Vehicle
10:00-10:20am, Vehicle Technology Center/Grand Lobby - CU-ICAR: CU-ICAR Deep Orange 4: Palmetto VT
10:30-10:50am, Media Center, N110 - Real Deal Steel LLC: How do new steel bodies affect the restoration industry?
11:00-11:20am, Media Center, N110 - Tire Industry Association (TIA): Tire Industry Association Update
11:30-11:50am, Media Center, N110 - Torklift International: Torklift International announces sponsorship of drag racer Holly Clarke
12:00-12:50pm, LVH Ballroom A - Velocity: Velocity Talent Showcase
1:00-1:20pm, Booth Number 11239 - Global Finishing Solutions: GFS/Ringbrothers Vehicle Unveiling
1:30-1:50pm, Featured Vehicle Area - Bilstein: BILSTEIN Shock Absorbers: BMW Giveaway & All-New iRideControl (iRC) Product Launch
2:00-2:20pm, Booth Number 22775 - OPTIMA Batteries: OPTIMA Batteries: Integrated Marketing Cam, paign Launch
2:30-2:50pm, Booth Number 25053 - Lingenfelter: Lingenfelter Truck Announcement
3:00-3:30pm, Booth Number 43101 - Hankook Tire America Corp.: Hankook Tire Company Update and New Products
3:30-3:50pm, Booth Number 43035 - Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels: Introduction of "Deegan 38" Tire Brand
4:00-4:20pm, Booth Number 34123 - LINE-X Spray-on Truck Bedliners: Duck Dynasty "Commander Series" Truck to Feature All-New "Truck Gear by LINE-X" Accessory Line
4:30-5:30pm, Booth Number 37145 - Bulldog Lighting: Teenage Entrepreneurs Journey to Bring Manufacturing Back to the USA

Thursday, November 7
8:00-8:50am, Booth Number 20018 - Clutch Industries: Mantic Engineering - Developing Clutch For the Future (Breakfast Press Conference)
9:00-9:20am, Booth Number 23543 - MagnaFlow Exhaust Products: Magnaflow Announces Header Line
9:30-9:50am, Booth Number 23667 - Specialty Auto Parts USA Inc.: Proform's New Bling'd Engine For Charity
10:00-10:20am, Booth Number 22531 - Prestolite Performance: Unveiling of the Roadster Shop 1966 Suburban & Executive Comments
10:30-10:50am, Booth Number 22775 - Coker Tires: New Tires
11:00-11:20am, Media Center, N110 - Formula Drift: New Decade of Formula Drift
11:30-11:50am, Media Center, N110 - Beltronics: ESCORT Presents World's First High Definition Radar Performance
2:00-2:20pm, Booth Number 40013 - ASA Automotive Systems: The Future is Now: Introducing the Next Generation of POS Software
2:30-2:50pm, Booth Number 40084 - RightPSI: Award Winner Tire Pressure Indicator - Improving Safety, Helping the Environment and Saving Money!
4:30-5:30pm, Booth Number 34187 - Addictive Desert Designs: Addictive Desert Designs Pulls Out All the Stops for SEMA (Cocktails Press Conference)