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Video: 2017 Young Gun Competitors Talk About Their Passions at AutoCon New York

SEMA News spent time with 2017 Young Gun Competitors at AutoCon New York.

Why I Want to Go to the SEMA Show: Letter to Your Boss

Show Management has developed a sample letter to help attendees convey to their employers how beneficial and relevant the Show is to their business and day-to-day job responsibilities.

Member Buyer Rewards Announced for SEMA Show Week

SEMA members attending the 2017 SEMA Show as buyers have access to the Member Buyer Rewards (MBR) program perks.

SEMA Show Education Days: Top 5 Sessions for Profit and Finance

The basics of business management are arguably more important to your business’s long-term success than simply keeping up with the latest trends and products.

Light Truck Accessory Alliance Announces SEMA Show Feature Vehicles

The Light Truck Accessory Alliance (LTAA) has announced the trucks and off-road builds that will be displayed at the 2017 SEMA Show as part of the council’s Feature Vehicle program.

Lock-In Low Hotel Rates for the SEMA Show

Companies heading to Vegas for the SEMA Show are encouraged to visit to lock-in guaranteed low rates on hotel rooms.

Video—Kevin Patrick on How SEMA Launch Pad Helped His Business

2016 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist Kevin Patrick shares his experience in being a part of the program and how it has kick-started his business.

U.S. District Court Rules for Omix-ADA in Patent/Trademark Infringement Case

A U.S. District Court ruled that several off-shore companies violated patents and trademarks owned by Omix-Ada/Rugged Ridge, and had participated in the manufacture of counterfeit products.

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