New Products Preview - Truck, SUVs & Off-Road



A.R.E. RT Series Truck Cap
Booth #33134

A.R.E. is now offering the new RT series truck cap, an aerodynamic cap featuring a 54-in. rear door height for hauling large cargo, such as ATVs and four wheelers. The RT series is available for ’09–current Ford F-150 trucks as well as ’07–current GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado models, both 6.5-ft. and 8-ft. beds. Information: or 330-830-7800.


Airaid EcoBoost
Booth #23729

Airaid introduces a new intake system for the popular ’11 Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost. This intake system features the cold-air dam and roto-molded MAF adaptor designed to maximize airflow and offer proper MAF functionality, which allows for increased horsepower and improved overall performance. Information: or 888-876-8984.


Andersen Hitches No-Sway 

Andersen Hitches
Booth #36074

Andersen Hitches introduces its “No-Sway” weight-distribution hitch. The new unit features a motion-dampening system, one-pin removal from tow vehicle, a 25/16-in. ball and a lifetime warranty. Information: or call 800-635-6106.



B&W Trailer Hitches Defender
B&W Trailer Hitches
Booth #34071

According to B&W Trailer Hitches, the Defender is unlike any gooseneck trailer coupler on the market today. With unrivaled ease of use and security features built into the coupler, the Defender helps keep property safe and ensures easier towing. Information:
or 800-248-6564.


Baja Designs Squadron LED Light
Baja Designs Inc
Booth #22486

The Squadron LED light provides 3,600 lumens in a 3x3-in. package. Baja Designs uses the latest-generation Cree LED to provide illumination for any driving style or environment. Information: or 760-560-2252.


Cap-Pack Truck Products
Cap-Pack Truck Products
Booth #34189

The Cap-Pack is a storage system that utilizes the wasted space of a truck cap to organize and secure valuable items. When closed, the storage drawer locks into a sturdy elevated frame that allows the truck bed to be free of clutter and available for large items. Information:
or 262-206-6211.






Cargo Ease Ramp System
Cargo Ease
Booth #38086

According to Cargo Ease, with the addition of the new Cargo Ramp System, the company has made loading and unloading anything faster and easier than ever. Cargo Ease is proud to introduce its new Cargo Ramp—the ultimate loading and unloading system. Information: or 905-768-2650.


Carr Hitch
Booth #33004

These heavy-duty, foldable steps are a large 14x5 in., specifically developed for all 2-in. and 21/2-in. hitch receivers. According to the company, they give safe and easy access to any vehicle with a trailer hitch. Information: or 800-800-1084.


Catalyst Industries Mobile Tie-Down Clamp
Catalyst Industries
Booth #10802

Catalyst Industries introduces a new mobile tie-down clamp. This new clamp is designed to mount to the pinch weld area of pickup bedsides and also to any other area a tie-down mount may be needed, such as front and rear bumpers, wheelwells, etc. Information: or 800-667-4068.





Crane Cams Ultra-Pro lifters

Crane Cams
Booth #25216

Crane Cams now offers a new family of exclusive Ultra-Pro lifters designed specifically for Chevrolet 262–400 V8s and Chevrolet 396–454–502 V8s. The new Ultra-Pro lifters relocate the oil passages in the lifter bodies for proper oil flow. Information: or 866-388-5120.


Curt Manufacturing Easy Mount Electrical Bracket
Curt manufacturing
Booth #30035

Curt’s new easy-mount electrical bracket line provides an elegant and simple solution for mounting tow wiring to a vehicle. Easy-mount brackets simply rest over the receiver tube and are tightened with two bolts (provided). Then the tow wiring socket snaps or screws into the bracket.
No drilling is required. Information: or 877-CURTMFG.


Dynotech Engineering Driveshafts

Dynotech Engineering
Booth #21143

Dynotech builds custom steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber driveshafts for OEM support and replacement as well as for racing, musclecar, hot-rod, four-wheel drive and specialty applications. All Dynotech driveshafts are hand-assembled, computer-welded and high-speed balanced to the highest standards in the industry.  Information: or 248-362-2777. 






Endurance Truck Accessories Side Bar
Endurance Truck Accessories
Booth #31198

Endurance Truck Accessories announces its new line of 5-in. oval stainless-steel side bars. Unlike other oval side bars, the Endurance brand offers rounded, polished stainless-steel ends. Information: or 855-310-8555.


EZ Connector EZ Self-Closing 7-pin Electrical Connection System

EZ Connector
Booth #32170

According to EZ Connector, bad electrical connections between a truck and trailer due to a loose or corroded connector are no longer a problem when you convert to EZ Connector’s new EZ Self-Closing 7-pin (EZS7) electrical connection system. Information: or 559-686-5889.


Fox Racing Shox
Fox Racing Shox
Booth #34111

The 2.0 performance series shocks deliver FOX Racing Shox performance in a hassle-free bolt-on package. Its heat-reducing design includes an aluminum 2.0 shock body that, according to the company, dissipates heat three times faster than a conventional steel shock. Information: or 619-768-1800.





Frylyt Driving Light
Booth #32192

From Australia, Fyrlyt introduces a new 8-in. (200mm) driving light. According to the company, a Gortec breather and hard-coated optical surfaces (lens and reflector) ensure long-term value in everything from the searing heat and dust of the Australian outback to the frozen Arctic tundra. In the field, bulb change requires no tools, and the light is fully rebuildable. Information: or


Innovative Creations Running Board
Innovative Creations
Booth #33171

Innovative Creations’ new combination of the traditional nerf bar and running board is made from a heavy-duty, high-polished stainless steel and an extruded-aluminum top with integrated rubber strips for a great grip. The top pad is reinforced and securely fastened to the stainless tube. The bar has the super-bright high-polish finish that ICI is famous for. The nerf board is a no-drill installation. Information: or 800-626-8746.
  Inventive Products eXpandable Design trailer hitch
Inventive Products
Booth #38111

Inventive Products is proud to announce an attachment for its line of patented eXpandable Design trailer hitches. This new storage rack has the ability to adjust up and down to fit a variety of applications. Customers can use the rack in the low position and still get the tailgate open.   Information:
or 888-310-6037.


JR Products Extension Towing Mirror
JR Products
Booth #34180

JR Products is excited to offer its new line of extension towing mirrors to the automotive market. The JR Product Aero Towing mirrors securely fasten by a patented clamping system and fit all makes, models and years with a single part number. Information: or 800-269-7622.


MaxTrac Suspension Lift System
MaxTrac Suspension
Booth #31162

MaxTrac Suspension is proud to announce the release of its 6.5-in. lift system for the ’04–’11 Nissan Titan two-wheel drive. This kit consists of one-piece-cast, 4-in. lift spindles and 2.5-in. fabricated steel spacers for the front and 4-in. fabricated steel blocks, new U-bolts and shocks for the rear.  Information:
or 714-630-0363.
  Northstar Manufacturing ProRyde Suspension System
Northstar Manufacturing
Booth #30153

According to Northstar, the company’s patented ProRyde line of duck-head torsion key leveling kits provide front ride-height adjustments from near OEM up to 2.25-in. beyond. The kit includes shock extenders to maintain the vehicle’s original ride quality and comfort. Information: or 800-828-0255.


Ozmo Engineering Manifold

Ozmo Engineering
Booth #24425

Ozmo Engineering introduces the RS7-SR manifold for high-horsepower LS7 engines. The manifold features twin carbon-fiber plenums and billet CNC runners and flanges. A single throttle body provides easy installation into street cars, and the low-profile design fits under the stock C6/Z06 Corvette hood. Information: or 408-658-2244.


Retrax RetraxPro Retractable Bed Cover 
Booth #35115

Manufactured by Applied Products, Retrax proudly introduces the RetraxPro—a retractable pickup bed cover. This new system utilizes a unique, patented design that allows it to retract on sealed ball-bearing rollers into a compact spiral canister located at the front of the pickup bed. The RetraxPro is also key lockable in any position along the rail and features a dual-latch locking system underneath the rolling cover for added strength and security. Information: or 800-206-4070.
  Revtek Suspension  
Revtek Suspension
Booth #32083

Revtek Suspension offers a full line of suspension lift systems for Toyota trucks and SUVs; GM trucks and SUVs; Ford F-150s, Super Duty trucks and Excursion SUVs; Rams; Dodge SUVs; the Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee, JK Wrangler, Cherokee and Commander; and the Nissan Frontier and the Xterra. The team at Revtek has also gone the extra mile with all-inclusive kits, which means there are no extra components to order for different model configurations. Information: or 877-543-8869.


SnowBear Personal Snowplow
Booth #35179

According to SnowBear, the company’s new personal snowplows are a DIY product that can be easily installed using a bolt-on mounting system. SnowBear is introducing the WinterWolf Pro, a heavy-duty personal snowplow with an actuator lift system, a reversible non-marking polyurethane scraper and a reinforced 88-in. blade and winch arms. Information: or 800-337-2327.



Booth #36166

Strattec Security offers Bolt receiver locks for Class I through Class V hitches. Bolt receiver locks feature the company’s patented one-key lock technology that is designed to permanently program the lock to the specific vehicle’s ignition key, eliminating the need for multiple keys. Information:
or 877-251-8798.

  Transfer Flow Replacement Fuel Tank
Transfer Flow
Booth #38017

Transfer Flow introduces a 50-gal. replacement fuel tank for the ’11 Ford diesel shortbed crew-cab pickup. The company states that you’ll be able to bypass the more expensive filling stations and fill up where the fuel is cheaper when you replace the smaller stock fuel tank with Transfer Flow’s 50-gal. fuel tank. Information: or 800-442-0056.



Truck Armor Grille Insert

Truck Armor
Booth #37100

Truck Armor introduces its new lower grille insert for the ’11 F-150 Ecotec. Made out of a mirror finish (stainless), the unit comes with all the mounting hardware and promises an easy, five-minute installation. Information: or 605-951-7580.