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Blair Equipment co Enforcer Spotweld drill 

Blair Equipment Co.
Booth #10513

The new Blair Enforcer Spotweld drill removes spot welds on all types of materials, especially Boron and UHSS. The drill has a lower cutter rpm and a manual-feed leverage handle that increases performance. Air power is not consumed to advance the cutter, which dramatically reduces the time required to remove a spot weld. Information: or 810-635-7111.


Extractor Hornet

Booth #10943

The Extractor was primarily designed as a tool to aid in the removal of auto glass. The Hornet offers the same quality, same power and same dependability as the previous Extractor tools but with an all-new price. Information: or 877-628-8837.


H.T. Mould

H.T. Mould (Ratch-Cut/Die-Nut/Sandboss)
Booth #10678

The Ratch-Cut/Dienut holds taps and dies to renew threads on bolts and tap holes in tight places. The tool accepts dies of 1 in. or 25 mm. It comes with an adaptor bushing for hex and 12-sided dies and an adjustable mini-vice. Information: or 250-337-8894.






Ingersoll Rand


Ingersoll Rand
Booth #10120

Ingersoll Rand is proud to introduce what the company describes as the most powerful cordless impact tool that the world has ever seen. Featuring the latest in advanced cordless impact technology and an unmatched power-to-weight ratio, this all-new cordless impact is the first in a new line of cordless tools coming in 2012. Information: or 800-866-5457.


Lista International Corp.

Lista International Corp.
Booth #10353

Lista International Corp. announces the availability of its new Technician series toolboxes. The toolboxes feature a rugged design backed by a limited lifetime warranty. All drawers are full extension, with a 440-lb. capacity. Worktops transform the toolbox cabinet top into a productive work area. Information: or 888-273-6930.


Las Vegas Tool
Las Vegas Tool
Booth #10238

Las Vegas Tool will release the Easy Puller—a new pulling pliers slide-hammer tool—at the 2011 SEMA Show. The Easy Puller works by clamping the locking pliers on to any item the user wants to pull or remove and then sliding the 2-lb. hammer quickly along the slide bolt assembly, creating a powerful pulling force. Information: or 702-992-0202.






Lumenyte International Corp.


Lumenyte International Corp.
Booth #10567

Lumenyte’s Liftlyte is an undercarriage LED illumination system for automotive vehicle lifts for owners of four-post lift systems. It’s available in two varieties—permanently installed and the removable, magnetically attached configuration. The Liftlyte system is available in various standard lengths for lift runways of up to 26 ft. as well as custom lengths. Information: or 949-829-5200.


Booth #11407

Technology Workstands by SecurityWorks provides secure mounting for laptops on rugged, height-adjustable stands that work well on any shop floor. Three all-steel models cover price points from $300–$600. Dealer inquiries welcome. Information: or 800-880-3988.


General Tools & Instruments


General Tools & Instruments
Booth #10153

General Tools & Instruments states that mechanics and automotive technicians will welcome the comprehensive, cost-effective solutions offered by The Seeker line of video inspection systems. The Seeker 400-05 (model #DCS400-05, photo above) is ideal for looking into diesel engine cylinders and other narrow spaces, and the Seeker 400-09 (model #DCS400-09) is better suited for inspecting gas engine cylinders. Information: or 212-431-6100.








Booth #10227

Hydrovane announces the new V-Series Simplex Compressor. This rotary vane compressor is air-cooled, oil-flooded and available tripod- or tank-mounted. All models are unenclosed and horizontally oriented. The Simplex is available from 2 to 10 hp. Information: or 217-222-5400.