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Cooper Tire & Rubber Zeon RS3-A 

Cooper Tire & Rubber
Booth #43001

The Cooper Zeon RS3-A is the all-season tire in the ultra-high-performance family. According to the company, this performance tire provides the driver with dynamic handling that inspires confidence and control in all seasons. The RS3-A is available in 35 sizes ranging from 16- to 19-in. rim diameters and carrying a W-speed rating. Information: or 419-423-1321.


Dill Air Controls Products

Dill Air Controls Products
Booth #41207

The Dill Air Controls new 1215 TPMS bundle features 80% sensor coverage, 95% kit coverage plus all the mechanical tools needed to service TPMS. Information: or 919-692-2300.


Plews & Edelmann tire sealant dispenser

Plews & Edelmann
Booth #10256

The Plews tire sealant dispenser powered by Simoniz tire sealant can be dispensed through all tire valves, including TPMS valves. According to the manufacturer, the sealant prevents flat tires, provides a smoother ride, maintains air pressure and prevents rim corrosion. Information: or 815-285-9491.






Continental Tire CrossContact LX20


Continental Tire
Booth #43245

Continental Tire introduces the CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology. According to Continental Tire, this premium all-season tire was developed to deliver improved fuel economy and treadwear, reduce harmful CO2 emissions and surpass the competition. The CrossContact LX20 comes in a wide range of sizes from 16-in. to 20-in. wheel diameters with a UTQG rating of 740 AB for S and T speed, and 680 AA for H speed. Information: or 704-583-3900.


Tiremetrix TPMS Manager

Booth #43278

TPMS Manager is an online software-as-a-service that provides tire retailers with the critical information needed to service TPMS-equipped vehicles. According to the company, TPMS Manager is the most comprehensive TPMS management resource in the market today. Information: or 855-888-8767.



Toyo Tires Proxes T1 Sport

Toyo Tires
Booth #43097

According to Toyo, the Proxes T1 Sport is a premium UHP summer tire that delivers increased control and precision for true balance in both wet and dry handling. State-of-the-art construction and design contribute to better high-speed stability, precise steering response, improved braking performance and high cornering power at high speed. The tread grooves are also wide to help channel water for improved resistance to aquaplaning. Information: or 800-678-3250.







Sailun Tire/Dynamic Tire SVR LX

Sailun Tire/Dynamic Tire
Booth #43165

The SVR LX is a high-performance tire designed for SUVs, sport trucks, and crossover vehicles. According to the manufacturer, the SVR LX features an advanced tread design that accentuates the appearance of your ride, while providing unparalleled all-season performance, comfort and tread life. Available in stylish 20- to 24-in. sizes with M+S ratings for a wide range of OE and plus-size fitments. Information: or 905-595-5558.


Sizeitup Wheel and Tire fitment guide

Booth #47165

Looking for an ACES-compliant wheel and tire fitment guide with product catalog data for a new or existing website? Introducing Sizeitup’s new fitment guide, including single and staggered fitments as well as bundling for the correct plus-size tire to create a tire and wheel package. The database even includes lifted-truck wheel applications. Information: or 703-878-7141.