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AEM AQ-1 Data Logger 
AEM Electronics
Booth #24313

According to AEM, the company’s new AQ-1 Data Logger is a vehicle data-acquisition device designed for performance enthusiasts who want dynamic, accurate data-logging capability for less than half of the cost of most other data loggers. Information: or 310-484-2322.


Across USA/Carbonetic Clutch

Across USA/Carbonetic
Booth #24629

Across Corp./Carbonetic introduces carbon clutch technology with superior heat resistance, great controllability and long life. According to the company, the lighter rotating mass of the Blade disc allows for slick and quick gear shifting while giving a near-OEM feel and light but extremely controllable pedal action. The Blade is suited for street, drift, rallying, drag and circuit driving. Information: or 310-635-3555.


Canton Racing Products Oil Pans
Canton Racing Products
Booth #24116

Canton Racing Products introduces its new line of oil pans for the Ford 5.0 Coyote engine. They are available in a front-sump style designed to work with early Ford chassis and a shallow rear-sump style designed specifically for kit cars and other applications seeking added ground clearance. Information: or 203-481-9460.

Heatshield Products Manifold Shield
Heatshield Products Inc
Booth #23529

HP Manifold Shield is designed to keep heat inside the exhaust and turbo manifold. According to HP, this can increase the boost of the turbo, reduce turbo lag, eliminate chatter and improve the overall efficiency of the turbo. Installs in minutes using anchor hooks with safety wire. Information: or 760-751-0441.


Corsa Performance Exhausts
Corsa Performance Exhausts
Booth #23517

Corsa Performance Exhausts announces high-performance exhaust systems now available for the ’12 Ford Mustang GT, GT500, Boss 302, Laguna Seca and V6 3.7L engines. Corsa offers Mustang owners two distinct sound levels; the Sport exhaust systems are bold and robust on the throttle, while the Xtreme exhaust systems produce a louder, more aggressive note. Information: or 440-891-0999.


Crane Cams Ultra-Pro lifters
Crane Cams
Booth #25216

Crane Cams now offers a new family of exclusive Ultra-Pro lifters designed specifically for Chevrolet 262–400 V8s and Chevrolet 396–454–502 V8s. The new Ultra-Pro lifters relocate the oil passages in the lifter bodies for proper oil flow. Information: or 866-388-5120.

Dynotech Engineering Driveshafts
Dynotech Engineering
Booth #21143

Dynotech builds custom steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber driveshafts for OEM support and replacement as well as for racing, musclecar, hot-rod, four-wheel drive and specialty applications. All Dynotech driveshafts are hand-assembled, computer-welded and high-speed balanced to the highest standards in the industry. Information: or 248-362-2777.


Ozmo Engineering Manifold
Ozmo Engineering
Booth #24425

Ozmo Engineering introduces the RS7-SR manifold for high-horsepower LS7 engines. The manifold features twin carbon-fiber plenums and billet CNC runners and flanges. A single throttle body provides easy installation into street cars, and the low-profile design fits under the stock C6/Z06 Corvette hood. Information: or 408-658-2244.


Prosport Inc. Boost Controller
Prosport Inc.
Booth #21214

According to Prosport Inc., its new manual boost controller offers fast spool-up of the turbo, steady boost, easy installation and quick adjustability. With the easy-to-read design, stainless-steel spring and ceramic ball, dialing in boost is quick and easy. Information: or 727-572-9011.
Zeitronix Black Box Data Recorder
Booth #21210

The Zeitronix Black Box data recorder is a flash memory data logger for use with Zeitronix Zt-2 or Zt-3 sideband systems using 1GB or 2GB micro SD flash memory cards. Power and data are supplied through a single 5-ft. (1.5m) cable, plugging directly into the Zt-2 or Zt-3 data port. Information: or 310-328-1234.