New Products Preview - Collision Repair & Refinish



Eagle Abrasives Inc Super Assilex
C.A.R. Products
Booth #13065

Precision Cut Compound (P100) is an aggressive, fast-cutting compound designed to remove 1,200-grit or finer sanding scratches. According to C.A.R. Products, it’s effective for removing oxidation, acid rain and other defects on all types of paint. Information: www.carproducts.bizor 800-537-7797.


Booth #10227

Hydrovane announces the new V-Series Simplex Compressor. This rotary vane compressor is air-cooled, oil-flooded and available tripod- or tank-mounted. All models are unenclosed and horizontally oriented. The Simplex is available from 2 to 10 hp. Information: or 217-222-5400.


Delta Kits
Delta Kits
Booth #32203

Delta Kits has introduced the MobilePro line of professional windshield repair systems along with Infinity 4.1 headlight coating in the company’s ClearPro Plus headlight restoration system. MobilePro windshield repair systems include components with a limited lifetime warranty and an expanded array of accessory tools. Information: www.deltakits.comor 800-548-8332.






Eagle Abrasives Inc Super Assilex
Eagle Abrasives Inc.
Booth #10835

According to Eagle Abrasives, Super Assilex is the perfect sanding medium for today’s advanced painting technology. The product helps in the “finishing” stages by avoiding irregular scratches often caused by non-woven products or the risk of over-sanding by standard abrasive sheets. The company also states that Super Assilex can save up to 70% or more in labor time, thus greatly improving productivity. Information: or 888-68-EAGLE.


ECS Automotive Concepts Rust Prevention Magic
ECS Automotive Concepts
Booth #24199

Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is a new product developed by ECS to preserve bare metal parts of all types in their natural condition. RPM protects any new or restored metal part without altering the appearance of the part. According to ECS, the product is easy to apply and dry to the touch but provides superior protection against rust and oxidation. Information: or 855-532-7846.


Extractor Hornet
Booth #10943

The Extractor was primarily designed as a tool to aid in the removal of auto glass. The Hornet offers the same quality, same power and same dependability as the previous Extractor tools but with an all-new price. Information: www.extractortools.comor 877-628-8837.






Gema OptiFlex2
Booth #11177

According to Gema, the company’s new OptiFlex2 manual powdercoating technology allows the user to spray all powders with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality, and do it all in the most challenging environments, anywhere on the planet. Information: www.optiflex2.comor 800-628-0601.



Grex Airbrush Tritium Series
Grex Airbrush
Booth #23183

The Tritium series from Grex presents the precision and detail of an airbrush with the control of a spray gun, making it the easiest and most comfortable to use airbrush, according to the company. With a comprehensive line of airbrush products, Grex has the right tool to meet every professional’s preference. Information: or 888-4GREXCO.


Herkules Equipment CoAgent
Herkules Equipment
Booth #10608

Herkules Equipment now offers a coagulant that effectively coagulates waterborne paint within a spray-gun cleaning solution, so shops can reduce and easily dispose of paint waste. Herkules’ CoAgent, PN CA01, is in a powder form and needs only one 1-oz. scoop to 5 gal. of dirty waterborne cleaning solution for effective separation. Information: or 800-444-4351.





Infinity 3D Laser Measuring Measurement System
Infinity 3D Laser Measuring
Booth #10035

Announcing the Infinity 3D laser measurement system for use in estimation and structural repair. Infinity uses the accuracy of aerospace technology and applies it to the automotive industry to meet the closer OEM tolerances now required. Repair documentation is generated in minutes, showing the actual structural deformation in 3D, which will allow for full reimbursement from the insurance company. Information: or 877-392-6092.



Novacel Novaguard 9377
Booth #12780

Novacel proudly introduces Novaguard 9377, an OEM-approved, cost-effective surface protection for the most valuable and customer-sensitive clear-coat exterior surfaces. The product is environmentally friendly, features solvent-less technology and is specifically designed for protection of painted automotive bodywork. Information: or 413-283-3468.


Prismatic Powders
Prismatic Powders
Booth #23881

Prismatic Powders, a division of NIC Industries, presents Black Super Grip powdercoating, a unique course texture with a rubberized feel. NIC claims that Super Grip is the most aggressive powder-coating texture in the industry and is perfect for a wide variety of applications where a traditional textured powder is not aggressive enough. Information: or 866-774-7628.





SodaBlast Systems blasting machine
SodaBlast Systems
Booth #24689

SodaBlast Systems gives you the power to do it all with just one blasting machine. Shine chrome with recycled glass, use soda to blast paint off the body or remove undercoating with coal slag without purchasing additional equipment. Information: or 800-216-SODA.


Sunkiss Thermoreactors Sun-Spot Plus
Sunkiss Thermoreactors/Sun-Spot Plus
Booth #10861

The Sun-Spot Plus unit is a portable radiating platinum heater designed to force-cure any type of organic-applied coating. According to the company, its 24–30-in. footprint makes it the best tool to execute spot repairs in the auto-body repair industry. The combined technologies of medium-wave infrared and forced-air convection deliver great efficiency over any coating system, especially on the automotive waterborne type. Information: or 877-499-9950.



TWN Industries hydrographic printing
TWN Industries
Booth #13071

TWN Industries provides manufacturers, aftermarket decorators and car enthusiasts with the ability to print intricate patterns on 3D surfaces made of plastics and metals. According to TWN Industries, customers can use the water-transfer printing process (also known as hydrographic printing) to recreate the popular carbon-fiber look without breaking the bank. Information: or 305-258-9622.




Uneeda Enterprizes Ekastrom and Ekaforce
Uneeda Enterprizes
Booth #10755

Uneeda Enterprizes is proud to introduce two new abrasives to its line of quality sanding products. Ekastorm is specially suited for fast sanding of wood products. Ekaforce is designed for metal, fiberglass and the automotive industry. Both Ekastorm and Ekaforce will be offered between 80–600 grit and in sheets, rolls and disks. Information: or 845-426-2800.



Wizards Products Mystic Polish
Wizards Products
Booth #10820

Wizards Products is excited to announce the addition of its new Mystic buffing system packaged in the new custom Wizards 32-oz. bottle. Used as a standalone polish or a final step in the buffing process, Mystic polish quickly removes swirls, light scratches, spider webbing and mild imperfections. Information: or 800-356-7223.