New Products Preview


The SEMA Show is all about innovation and creativity.  What you see is just a taste of the this year's new products to be unveiled.  During the Show, head to the upper level of South Hall for a look at Ideas Alive: Featuring the New Products Showcase. Electric Delivery
Booth #38045 is proud to introduce the latest addition to its vehicle lineup—the new Electric Delivery Trike. The unit was developed with a 1,500W brush motor that is powered by 48V 38AH batteries. The current top speed is 22 mph, and the vehicle has a range of 40 miles. Information: or 866-939-9033.

 Ark Corp.
Ark Corp.
Booth #31165

The Arkpak with Time Tracker technology is a unique 12V battery power pack. It incorporates an LCD screen with battery voltage and capacity display. The Arkpak comes complete with a built-in 110-240V 6A smartcharger/battery conditioner, a 200W DC-AC inverter, two accessory ports, an Anderson plug, a manual isolation key and external battery posts. Information: or +61-2-9678-9036.


Bubba Rope 
Bubba Rope
Booth #30179

Gator-ize is an added-protection option that is applied to the wear points of any size Bubba Rope. According to Bubba Rope, Gator-ize will not only not damage the rope but will actually protect the wear points of your eyes and, ultimately, prolong the life of the Bubba Rope. Information: or 877-499-8494.


 Bull-Bond Cleaning & Detailing Products

Booth #12681

Bull-Bond proudly introduces its complete line of cleaning and detailing products, including multi-use cleaners, degreasers, car washes and waxes, tire shine-vinyl protectants and more. All products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable and are available in containers ranging from 32-oz. bottles to 55-gal. drums. Information: or 787-653-4900.






Champion Brands Blue Flame
Champion Brands
Booth #21131

According to Champion Brands, Classic Blue Flame performance diesel oil is a hybrid synthetic blend 15W-40 diesel engine oil that combines high-zinc performance additives, superior protection, advanced polymer technology and high TBN, supported by a carrier blend of synthetic and conventional base fluids. Information: or 800-821-5693.

  California Custom Coach
California Custom Coach
Booth #24794

Featuring reproduction Auburn Speedsters, California Custom Coach introduces luxury classic motoring with today’s reliability. Information: or 972-443-9823.


Check Corporation ambiient lighting kits
Check Corporation
Booth #12441

Check Corporation ambient lighting kits use the latest in LED lighting technology. Each LED strip contains four RGB LED lights, each capable of producing a consistent hue of eight different colors with a high- and low-intensity setting for each color. All of this is controlled with the use of one simple switch. Information: or 800-927-6787.


Delta Kits MobilePro windshield repair
Contur Cabinets
Booth #10252

Contur Cabinet will launch a new line of modern European-inspired garage cabinets at the 2011 SEMA Show. Advanced features, such as contoured front panel designs, choice of numerous colors and textures as well as state-of-the-art construction technology, make these all-metal storage cabinets truly exclusive. Information: or 514-439-3222.



Coverking Pet Protector
Booth #20903

Protect your vehicle’s rear seats from your pets with Coverking’s new Pet Protector. Install this heavy-duty 1680 polyester, waterproof protector in seconds by attaching it to your headrests. (If headrests are not available, an alternative attachment method is included.) Machine wash on gentle and air dry for long-lasting protection. Information: or 800-542-3274.



Booth #10109

Delcam will launch the 2012 version of its FeatureCAM, a feature-based CAM system for faster and easier programming. According to Delcam, the most important improvement for increasing machine productivity comes from further developments in the use of stock models to cover 2-D features, including bosses, sides and slots. Information: or 877-Delcam-1.






ECS Automotive Concepts Rust Prevention Magic
ECS Automotive Concepts
Booth #24199

The Tritium series from Grex presents the precision and detail of an airbrush with the control of a spray gun, making it the easiest and most comfortable to use airbrush, according to the company. With a comprehensive line of airbrush products, Grex has the right tool to meet every professional’s preference. Information: or 888-4GREXCO.


Farrow Fabricating Super Toy Products
Farrow Fabricating
Booth #34203

Super Toy Products by Farrow Fabricating has been in business since 1981 and specializes in chrome and stainless chrome tips for the exhaust industry. The company supplies all levels of warehouse distributors with quality product, fast delivery and highly competitive pricing. Information: or 800-327-7691.


FlagPole Buddy
FlagPole Buddy
Booth #34263

According to the company, FlagPole Buddy is the easiest and safest method to put up a tall and sturdy flagpole or ham radio antenna. The FlagPole Buddy attaches to an RV ladder or any flat surface with multipositional mounts. The unique “Twist” (upper holder) allows the pole to be inserted from ground level, and the “Cup” (lower holder) provides a sturdy two-point support system for any pole. Information: or 858-472-5613.






Guangdong Huan Qiu Automobile Accessory
Guangdong Huan Qiu Automobile Accessory
Booth #12773

Guangzhou Suizhong Auto Appliance is engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sale of a range of products for car decoration. Carlas is the major brand of the company. Carlas LED lights and car stickers (full vehicle) are popular with domestic and international markets. Information: or +86-020-37278876.


HAL Development HAL Stuff
HAL Development
Booth #22790

Introducing new products from HAL, sold under the trade name HAL Stuff. HAL’s new plug-wire management system takes the worry out of routing plug wires. This new technology not only looks beautiful but is highly functional to boot. Information: or 530-873-4889.


Hamsar Diversco LED forward lighting
Hamsar Diversco
Booth #21121

At the 2011 SEMA Show, Hamsar is introducing the latest innovation in LED forward lighting—a new 7-in. LED low-/high-beam headlight. Designed to replace all 7-in. round halogen headlight systems without the need for retooling, it is equipped for 12V and 24V systems and draws far less current. Information: or 800-567-5483.






Hillco Fastener Warehouse
Hillco Fastener Warehouse
Booth #10418

Hillco Fastener Warehouse is proud to introduce a new Pro Shop Assortment line of professional-grade fastener assortments designed for use in the home or the shop. With more than 60 different Pro Shop assortments currently available, customers can have grade 5, grade 8, German and Japanese metric, USS/SAE, stainless steel, electrical connectors, vacuum fittings, trim screws, studs, rivets and more right in their garages, shops or trailers. Information: or 714-657-7442.


Infrared Industries Gas Analyzer
Infrared Industries
Booth #10364

Infrared Industries introduces Spanish and Arabic versions of its FGA4500 gas analyzer. The portable FGA4500 can be used to accurately speed up emissions testing, tune-ups and diagnostic testing. It measures five gases—HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOX—as well as Lambda, air fuel ratio and rpm and displays the information on a LCD display. For more information: or 800-344-0321.


Intro-Tech Automotive Inc Folding Auto Shade
Intro-Tech Automotive Inc.
Booth #24775

Intro-Tech Automotive introduces its new ultimate reflector custom folding auto shade. Designed to fit the inside of a specific vehicle’s windshield, the company states that the product will prevent ugly, costly dashboard cracks and fading. The unit installs in seconds and stores in its own leatherette storage bag. Information: or 866-319-8500.






Kouou Car Perfume
Booth #13114

Kouou has 50 years of history using original spices to produce a variety of scents for the interior space of a vehicle. Kouou specializes in professional Japanese car perfumes, featuring a variety of designs. Information: or


Champion/Hydrovane/Leather Therapy Products
Leather Therapy Products
Booth #12182

According to Leather Therapy Products, its new leather therapy restorer/conditioner effectively maintains and restores by softening, protecting and preserving leather. It also helps leather overcome the destructive effects of drying sun, wind and moisture without silicone or waxes to coat the leather. Information: or 540-364-0156.


Mag Daddy Fasteners
Mag Daddy
Booth #11063

Mag Daddy has launched a line of revolutionary fasteners that replaces virtually all automotive fasteners, no matter the year, make or model. According to Mag Daddy, customers will need only nine fasteners for dangling wires, hanging up headliners, door panels, trim boards and more—endless possibilities. Information: or 847-719-5600.







Master Appliance
Master Appliance
Booth #10239

The Master Proheat Plastic Welding Kit is built around the compact, lightweight Master Proheat LCD Model PH-1400 Dial-in Electronic Heat Gun. The heatgun’s dial-in feature offers 10º-increment temperature control from 130°F to 1,000°F (50°C to 540°C) and control of airflowfrom 4 to 16 cfm (113 to 453 l/min). Information: www.masterappliance.comor 800-558-9413.


Moving Targets
Moving Targets
Booth #43273

Moving Targets says, “Reach thousands of local customers every day on a shoestring budget.” Loyal Rewards Social Media Marketing creates and establishes accounts on the top online social networks, including the most powerful reputation monitoring services. They assign an expert—a real person—to handle your promotion. Information: or 800-926-2451.


 Optimum Software
Optimum Software
Booth #11967

Optimum Software specializes in accounting and business-management software development and is proud to introduce a system created to fully manage trading, manufacturing and/or servicing companies. The realized workflow starts from future resource planning and ends with the registering of the current day’s activities. Information: or +370-698-70821.






Paramount Restyling
Paramount Restyling
Booth #31203

Paramount Restyling’s applications of door handle covers, mirror covers and gas doors are now available with the racy look of carbon fiber. The grille shells, however, have a new addition with the Raptor-style grille shell for the ’04–’08 Ford F-150. Information: or 866-988-8348.


Performance Electronics Ltd Edge
Performance Electronics Ltd.
Booth #25220

Performance Electronics proudly unveils the Edge, a completely adjustable, standalone engine-control system. The Edge is an ultra-compact engine controller that the company claims can handle all of the fuel and ignition responsibilities for just about any engine, from single cylinders to blown big-blocks and everything in between. Information: or 513-777-5233.


Phoenix Systems V-12 DIY Brake Bleeder
Phoenix Systems
Booth #20952

Phoenix Systems offers the Phoenix V-12 DIY reverse brake bleeder to give enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers professional brake and clutch bleeding at an affordable price. The V-12 DIY reverse brake bleeder system features patented reverse fluid injection technology that removes trapped air to create a firmer pedal, increased braking power and responsiveness and reduced vehicle stopping time. Information: or 435-425-2222.






 Procter & Gamble Professional Aire Freshener
Procter & Gamble Professional
Booth #13051

Unwanted odors lingering a little too long in your car? Get Febreze Freshness on the go with new car vent clips from Febreze. Procter and Gamble Professional will preview the new Febreze car product at the 2011 SEMA Show. Test drive the new Febreze vent clips and breathe happy. Information: or 800-332-7787.


 QA1 Precision Products Control Arms
QA1 Precision Products
Booth #23263

QA1 is excited to add control arms for first-, second- and third-generation Camaros to its suspension line. These upper and lower control arms feature tubular construction, polyurethane bushings and QA1’s ultimate low-friction ball joints. Information: or 952-985-5675.


 Red Kap Crew Shirt
Red Kap
Booth #10463

Red Kap, a brand from VF Imagewear, proudly introduces its newest product—the Crew Shirt. It’s made of the company’s new ripstop fabric, which has all of the same performance features as its Touchtex poplin, yet is more durable because of the ripstop weave. Information: or 615-565-5000.






Relief Pod International
Relief Pod International
Booth #13041

Relief Pod International proudly states that its new color-coded and compact kit for two will keep the user plus one other person prepared for any emergency while providing the basic essentials for safety and self-sufficiency for everyday emergencies. In a partnership with Goodyear, Relief Pod also has a new kit designed for home, car, work and RV applications. Information: or 949-474-7637.


Rontan Signals Quasar LED
Rontan Signals
Booth #34190

Rontan Signals’ new Quasar DOT and Q36 utilize the Rebel Gen 5 LEDs with Wide E technology. The Quasar DOT is a three-LED flashing light for headlights, taillights or a flush mount with a chrome bezel. The Q36 (shown) is a 4-in. round flash mount with nine LEDs. Information: or 305-599-2974.


RSC Bio Solutions 
RSC Bio Solutions
Booth #10166

RSC Bio Solutions recently launched its new line of Liquid Wrench Powered by EnviroLogic industrial cleaners, degreasers and lubricants. At the 2011 SEMA Show, the company will proudly introduce multiple new products, including Liquid Wrench fifth-wheel grease. This new product delivers severe shock load protection and provides high film strength and excellent anti-wear properties. Specifically formulated as a high-tack grease, the company claims it will also extend the life of fifth-wheel plates. Information: or 866-WRENCH7.






Segal Fine Art 
Segal Fine Art
Booth #38039

Heroes by Michael Knepper is Segal Fine Art’s tribute for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Information: or 310-594-2476.


Shelby Auto Care 
Shelby Auto Care
Booth #13168

Shelby Auto Care is launching four new interior and exterior auto care products that uphold Carroll Shelby’s reputation for quality and performance. The new product line, which includes a spray detailer, UV protectant, spray wax and liquid wax, will be available for purchase through participating retailers and online. Information: or 800-680-4667.


Champion/Hydrovane/Stratasys 3D PrinterStratasys Inc.
Booth #23823

Stratasys has released a new 3D printer for companies wanting to expand from just making prototypes to making production parts or manufacturing tools, such as jigs and fixtures. The new machine is being called a crossover because the Fortus 250mc is simple to use and affordable. Information: or 866-721-9244.





 Stud Buddy
Stud Buddy
Booth #10778

The Stud Buddy is a new patented auto-body repair tool. Using existing industry welding studs and a weld gun but replacing the slide hammer, this new tool simply grabs the stud or any other welded apparatus attached to the dented area and pulls against a resting plate. Information: or 855-788-3283.


Sunbelt Marketing Group
Sunbelt Marketing Group
Booth #12534

Sunbelt Marketing Group originally started with a few automotive wall shelf designs, and now the company offers more than 50 different items, both licensed and non-licensed. Information: or 843-744-7762.


Travers Tool
Travers Tool
Booth #10473

Remove metal with these highly efficient T&O carbide dream cut coarse/fine tooth combination burrs by Speedway. According to Travers Tool, these burrs effectively utilize their unique coarse teeth for rapid and strong metal removal, coupled with their fine teeth for smooth finishing. These burrs are suitable for deburring and polishing cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, etc. Information: or 800-221-0270.






Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories
Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories
Booth #22986

Tuff Stuff’s new Type II power-steering pump is a direct replacement for the ’98–’02 Camaro/Firebird with the LS1 engine. Made from 100% new components, each unit is hand assembled and tested in the United States. Available in polished aluminum, black powdercoated or as-cast finish. Information: or 800-331-6562.


Ultimate Air Freshener
Ultimate Air Freshener
Booth #12964

Ultimate Air Freshener asks potential customers to imagine the beauty of a nice aroma in their vehicles with just the push of a button, allowing the fresh scented aroma to come through the vents. Customers can even choose from natural fragrances all the way to their favorite flowers, drinks or fruits. Information: or 352-694-0469.


XS Power Battery
XS Power
Booth #23512, #11209

XS Power will be debuting the new XP series battery line at the 2011 SEMA Show. XP series batteries are designed for constant power use and for any supplemental power needs the customer may have. The XP series was specifically designed for marine, commercial, fleet, emergency, equipment, lighting and entry-level mobile audio market applications. Information: or 888-497-7693.