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The SEMA Show New Products Showcase Presented by Ideas Alive
The SEMA Show New Products Showcase - The World's Largest Collection of Automotive Innovation
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The New Products Showcase is the #1 SEMA Show Buyer and Media destination. It's where Exhibitors' showcase their best and newest product ideas displayed in one place for optimal viewing pleasure.

The SEMA Show New Products Showcase - Tutorial, What to Expect When You're Showcasing
The SEMA Show New Products Showcase - Step 1: Gentlemen, Start Your Scanners...

Step 1: Gentlemen, Start Your Scanners...

ATTENDEES: Head on over to the New Products Showcase, located at the east end of the upper south hall. There is a shuttle stop very close to the showcase. Find one of the "Free Scanner Pickup" booths located around the showcase.

EXHIBITORS: Want to feature your products in the New Products Showcase? Head on over to the registration form and get your products signed up! If you didn't already know, your first product registration is free – so there's really no excuse NOT to.

The SEMA Show New Products Showcase - Step 2: Gentlemen, Start Your Scanners...

Step 2: Scan It Like You Stole It

ATTENDEES: Walk around and scan all the products you're interested in. This is your shot to research all the new products our exhibhiting companoes offer, and it's all in one place. There's no limit, go crazy!

EXHIBITORS: While completing your product registration online, be sure to complete the SEMA Data Co-Op steps to leanr more about how to better share you product data with potential buyers!

The SEMA Show New Products Showcase - Step 1: Gentlemen, Start Your Scanners...

Step 3: Drop It Like It's Hot

ATTENDEES: Return your scanner to the "Scanner Return" desk to instantly get a print out of all the products you scanned! This print-out will contain key information on how to locate and contact the exhibitors who manufacture the products you're interested in.

EXHIBITORS: Deliver your products onsite at the SEMA Show during the New Products Showcase check-in hours (see: Rules & Regs). During this time you can choose the optional UPS Ship-Home service, and talk with the AutoWeek representative about listing your product(s) in their magazine for free!

The SEMA Show New Products Showcase - Step 1: Gentlemen, Start Your Scanners...

Step 4: With Great Data, Comes Great Profitability

ATTENDEES: You scanned it like you stole it, you dropped it like it was hot, now it's time to track down those exhibiting companies on the show floor and get some face-to-face time to learn more about the products you're interested in!

EXHIBITORS: Attend the New Products Award Breakfast on Tuesday, November 5th 2013 to see the New Products Showcase Award Winners and Runners-Up. Free ticket required; available online when registering for your SEMA Show badge. Be sure to pick up your New Products and/or Featured Products on Friday, November 8th 2013 from 4-8PM (if you didn't choose the UPS option during check-in).


The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) presents a New Products Showcase at the SEMA Show each year, providing exhibitors with an outstanding opportunity to introduce new products, packaging and merchandising to industry buyers and media.

Increase Exposure—To provide exhibitors with even more exposure during and after the Show, and for the convenience of buyers and media interested in the products they see in the Showcase, SEMA will provide Product Information for every product entered, in addition to the traditional descriptive signs. This sign will be positioned adjacent to each product on display.

Additional Publicity—Products in the Showcase will be photographed. Photographs will be featured in SEMA News, and on the SEMA website: They will also be promoted to the media, and utilized for the Product Information available to buyers at the Show.


Exhibitors at the SEMA Show are invited to include their products in the showcase. Product Information and photographs of the products are included in this program. Products that meet the New Product criteria may qualify to receive additional benefits, including the possibility of being judged for a New Product Award.

All exhibitors are invited to be included in a comprehensive promotional program that includes being:

  • Displayed in the New Products Showcase, or Featured Products section for previously-introduced products
  • Featured in SEMA News
  • Promoted online and to hundreds of media outlets throughout the world
  • *For the purposes of this program, a New Product is defined as one that is manufactured or exclusively distributed by a company exhibiting at this year’s SEMA Show, was introduced to the marketplace after last year's SEMA Show, and is available for shipment within 90 days after the close of this year's SEMA Show. New Products entered by SEMA or TIA member companies are eligible to be judged for a New Product award provided they are delivered onsite within the eligible times.

SEMA offers all exhibitors the opportunity to enter and display any product as a Featured Product within the New Products Showcase. Featured Products may be previously-introduced products and do not need to qualify as 'New' as defined above. They are not eligible for judging.


The first product category entered in the New Products Showcase is free when entering your product at All additional entries are $75 per product category if entered by Friday, October 11. After October 11 the fee will be $150 per product category. Entries submitted on-site will be accepted based on space availability.


Exhibitors must deliver their products themselves, on-site. This can be done by bringing the product with them to the Show, or shipping the product in advance to the Freeman warehouse*. All entries must be personally checked-in at the East end of Upper South Hall on Saturday, November 2, from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.; Sunday, November 3, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; or Monday, November 4, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (products checked in after 10 a.m. Monday will not be judged).

*Exhibitors who ship their products prior to the Show must unpack the product themselves. Pre-shipped products must be received at the Freeman Warehouse by October 25, with the shipping label (provided online when registering your product) affixed to each box. Pre-shipped products will be delivered to the Showcase area on Saturday, November 2, where they must be retrieved and checked in by a representative of the exhibiting company.


A small display stand is permitted. Products that contain small parts or multiple pieces should be mounted on a display board. The product should fill the entire display board and not take away from the product being displayed. The only graphics permitted on the product display board or stand are company or brand name and logo. No marketing, advertising, sales or description copy will be allowed. Show Management has the right to disallow or remove any displays.

Entry may not be mounted onto another part to show how it works, however, a single photo may accompany a product in the Showcase. The photo may be no larger than 8-1/2" x 11" and may not contain any marketing, advertising, sales or description copy. The photo may only show usage or application of the product. Exhibitor must provide an easel or standing frame that is no larger than the photo. Show Management reserves the right to remove any photo not meeting these requirements.

Prototypes, mock-ups and vehicles are not allowed.

Products that have a dimension of 18" x 18" x 18" (including display board) or larger may be placed on the floor or a table. Exhibitors may bring a printed photo to display if the product is too large.

Products available in more than one color may only be displayed in one color. A chart (no larger than 8-1/2” x 11”) of additional colors may be displayed next to the product.

Please bring bulk items assembled as you wish them to be displayed, as this will minimized your check-in time.

Products with movement are permitted with Show Management approval, as long as the movement pertains to the usage of product and does not create a safety hazard. A rendering, description and dimensions of the displays involved must be e-mailed to prior to the show for approval.

No flammable liquid is accepted in the showcases.

Computers and Software—Entrants who wish to display a home page, application, or computer catalog may do so. Software may be displayed on a laptop computer or mobile device. Entrants must arrange for their own electrical power through Freeman. Devices must be self-sufficient and set to run for the entire Show. Running presentations must only demonstrate the product and may not include sales or advertising content. Devices must be set to display themselves and may not be interactive. The SEMA Show, the SEMA Judging Committee and Show Management are not responsible for any equipment or software on display during the Show. Show Management reserves the right to prohibit presentations deemed inappropriate at their sole discretion.

Showcase Signs—Show Management will provide a sign for each entry. Only signs prepared by Show Management are permitted. Signs will include exhibiting-company name, booth number, product name, part number, retail price, and a product description that exhibitor provides. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide a comprehensive description in the space provided on the form.

Samples of Entries—Exhibitor must supply one product sample per each New Product category entered, to be on display in each of the showcases entered. Each entry must also be displayed in the exhibitor's booth.


Exhibitors have the option to have their New Product(s) packaged and shipped back to them by UPS at the end of the SEMA Show. Instead of exhibitors returning to the New Products area on Friday afternoon, they can arrange during check-in (see times above) for on-site UPS personnel to handle this.

Exhibitors may instead pick up their New Products between 4 p.m.-8 p.m. on Friday, November 8. Products will not be delivered to exhibitors’ booths. If you do not pick up your product during this time please go to the Show Office in Room S229 between 8 a.m. - noon on Saturday, November 9 to retrieve your product. Products not picked up by noon on Saturday, November 9 will be considered abandoned and destroyed.


All eligible New Product entries submitted by SEMA and TIA member companies, and delivered on-site between the eligible check-in times above will be included in SEMA’s annual New Product Awards competition that recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of products being introduced to the specialty automotive aftermarket at the SEMA Show. Award winners are announced on Tuesday, November 5 at the New Products Awards Breakfast, and are also recognized at the annual SEMA Industry Awards Banquet on the evening of Thursday, November 7.

Award Categories - There are 16 Award categories in which products will be displayed, and if applicable, judged.

Each category will have one winner and two runners-up. A company may enter as many eligible products in each category as it wants, and is eligible to win awards in more than one category. If an exhibitor enters one product in multiple categories the company must bring additional samples of the product.

The entry should be made in the category(s) in which it most appropriately applies.

  • Collision Repair & Refinish
  • Exterior Accessory Product
  • Interior Accessory Product
  • Mobile Electronics Product
  • Off-Road/4-Wheel-Drive Product
  • Performance—Racing Product
  • Performance—Street Product **
  • Powersports Product
  • Street Rod/Custom Car Product
  • Tire and Related Product
  • Tools and Equipment Product
  • Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product
  • Wheel and Related Product
  • Engineered New Product
  • Merchandising Display ***
  • Packaging Design ***

**Entries in the Performance—Street Product category must make provisions for all required emissions controls. Other emissions-related products should be entered in the Performance-Racing category.

***Products entered in this category should complete the description noted for Packaging or Merchandising Category.


All criteria must be met, and all fields must be completed for the entry to be considered for judging.

  • Membership - To be eligible to win a New Product Award, the exhibiting company entering the product must be a SEMA or TIA member in good standing.
  • Criteria - Exhibitor must provide all applicable criteria to be eligible for judging. The following graph depicts the judging criteria for each of the 16 award categories:
  • Additional Criteria: The following is additional criteria for the Engineered New Product and Merchandising Display:
    • Engineered New Product—Must be identified as an engineering achievement that focuses attention on a product that demonstrates innovative engineering development, and advances the state-of-the-art technology in its particular field. Evaluation shall include whether or not the engineering achievement was accomplished without over-complication of the product, efficiency in design, practicality and ease of assembly and installation, and ease of service. Over-design or under-design will be considered, and each product should be complete, as compared to instructions and a starter kit which requires further work by the owner (end-purchaser/customer).
    • Merchandising Display—A Merchandising Display is defined as a point-of-purchase display which physically shows or holds actual merchandise; e.g., counter cards, gondolas, life-size stand-ups, free-standing trays, rack variations, etc. Posters, signs, decals, brochures, and printed literature are not considered merchandising displays under the criteria relating to marketability and consumer appeal. While the criteria herein are designed to exclude such things as posters, etc., it is recognized there may be a fine line in the exhibitors' (and judges') minds with regard to what is a merchandising display. For this reason, if you feel your company has a product display which is a merchandising display, you may enter that and let the judges render the final decision. Companies with products or services that cannot physically be displayed may provide a poster or flyer no larger than 8
  • The word “New” in judging entries shall primarily mean innovative. A product shall be deemed new when it is new to the industry, not new to the exhibiting company. Entries, not companies, are the objects of judging.
  • Display—The method of display in the New Products Showcase shall have no bearing on the judges' opinions. Judging is based solely on the merit of the entry.
  • Awards Announcements—Winners and runners-up in each category will be announced at the New Products Awards Breakfast, Tuesday, November 5 and will be recognized at the SEMA Industry Awards Banquet on Thursday, November 7. Plaques for runners-up will be presented in the Media Center on Tuesday, November 5 from 3-4 p.m.
  • Decisions—Judges may determine by majority vote that no entry in a particular category is qualified to receive an award. In this event, no award will be given in that category.
  • Judging Time—Judging will take place on Monday, November 4.


While security is provided at the New Products Showcase, SEMA and Show Management cannot accept any responsibility for entries. By completing the entry form, you expressly waive and release SEMA and Show Management, their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and/or servants from and against any and all liability for damage, destruction or loss of the entry submitted to the New Products Showcase or any consequential loss or damage whatsoever.


Freeman will handle all labor for New Products. If your product requires a cart or labor for check-in, complete the Labor Order form located in your Online Exhibitor Services Manual. Carts will be provided during check-out on Friday, November 8 until 8 p.m.


Installation and the cost of electricity are the exhibitor's responsibility. Contact Freeman at 702.579.1700 to arrange service.

Questions? Call Sheldon Kaye @ 702.216.5844, or email No refunds provided after October 11, 2013.