What are the qualifications to attend?

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You must work in the Specialty Equipment Aftermarket industry and you will be required to provide documentation. Documentation may include a business card (company name and address must correspond with information in your registration, and must include a job title), business license, tax registration certificate or business registration, recent paycheck stub, and/or business photo ID (must include company name, photo and your name).

Basically, you need to prove that your business or the employer you work for is a current and legitimate automotive aftermarket business. To that end, business registration, certificate, tax ID or resale card/number is acceptable. The next part is to prove that you are the current owner or currently employed by that business. If the business license states you are the owner, that is acceptable. If you work for a business owned by someone else, you need to provide a business card or a paycheck stub OR a photo ID–all must state your name and the name of the company, which must agree with the name of the company you are providing in your registration record. You also must provide an email address–preferably a company email address.  All documents must be provided in English.

If you registered and were approved for last year’s show, and have not changed companies, job title, or contact information such as your telephone number, address or email, you may not be required to show proof of involvement in the automotive aftermarket industry again. If you have questions about documentation required, contact Customer Service, Monday – Friday, 9am-6pm, Central Time, toll free at 866.229.3687 or email aapexsema@compusystems.com. International callers, please dial +1.224.563.3154.