How much does it cost to register and get a badge?

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Online attendee registration is $40 USD per person until Friday, October 18. After that date, attendee registration online or onsite increases to $90 USD per person. Attendee badges allow entrance to both APPEX and the SEMA Show all days of each show. (Note: AAPEX exhibits are not open on Friday, November 8, but the SEMA exhibits are open on Friday.) Registering exhibiting personnel in excess of your company’s complimentary allotment pre-show is $40 USD per person. After, Thursday, October 11, exhibitor badges ordered online or onsite in excess of your company’s complimentary allotment are $90 USD per person. Non-Exhibiting Company (NEM) registration is $200 per person online or onsite, and is limited to 2 people from each company for no more than 2 years. Participants who have a featured vehicle in the Show, must register onsite for $40 USD each and are limited to 2 badges.

Lost or forgotten badges may be reprinted onsite 1x only for a fee of $100 per badge.  The fee for reprinting a non-exhibiting company (NEM) badge is $200 per badge.  You may not have anyone else’s badge reprinted on-site but your own, and an official government-isued photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) must be presented.