SCRS: Repairer Driven Education - Technical: Severity – Navigating the World of Automotive Glass Repair and Replacement (RD4) $

October 31, 2017 - 9:30am - 11:30am
Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N233

Repairer Driven Education, RDE, SCRS, SEMA Show

SCRS REPAIRER DRIVEN EDUCATION (RDE) series will feature seminar offerings. Each of the courses has been individually selected or crafted by SCRS because the content specifically focuses on issues and information that are relevant to collision repair professionals operating in today’s marketplace, and appeals to the diverse array of marketplace perspectives that exist within the collision repair industry.

RD4 - Navigating the World of Automotive Glass Repair and Replacement

Presented by: Gary Hart, Independent Glass Association; Bob Beranek, Auto Glass University

There are numerous vehicle trends that affect glass repair and replacement operations. Body design and reliance on glass for increased structural integrity, semi/autonomous vehicle technology and a more widespread integration of Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS) all play a significant part in how glass integrates with the vehicle. In this session, we will explore how to effectively handle glass replacement when faced with ADAS or other advanced vehicle technologies, including; 
• How to identify what features exist and which glass is required.
• How to identify when OEM glass required.
• How to determine if calibration is necessary, and if so, now what?
The session will also discuss how insurance companies are addressing and handling claims for ADAS equipped vehicles, and what to expect during the first notice of loss process for vehicles with ADAS and calibration requirements.

You want to attend if you want to know what is in store for technicians in the next 5 years, need to get a better handle on what training and education is available, and want to put safety first and foremost in your business.