PLX Devices Announces the World’s Most Advanced Gauge Along With Lower Cost Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Modules

Sunnyvale, CA – August 10, 2011 – Today, PLX Devices released the all-new DM-6 display gauge – the first of its kind to offer such a wide range of functionality in a single device, and the SM-AFR Gen 2 – a high-quality wideband oxygen sensor controller made even better without an increase in price.

AFR’s SBC 245NPP Heads Available for Order Now!

AFR is proud to announce the release of a new cylinder head, the SBC 245NPP (no pushrod pinch).

The 245’s are available with two chamber sizes out of the box (70 and 80 cc’s) and can be milled anywhere from 60 to 80cc’s, if necessary. The new 245s feature 2.125” intake valves and 1.600” exhaust valves, with 60/40 valve spacing, and come equipped with PAC (#1225) roller dual valve springs.

Like all AFR heads and intake manifolds, the new 245s are covered by the AFR Lifetime Warranty.

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