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KM Safari Hinge Step JK: Get a foothold where you need it the most…

Kargo Master Safari (KMS) has taken the cue that everybody could use a leg up in life.... Loading a roof rack on a Jeep Wrangler JK in the driveway, with the use of a stool or step ladder, is one thing. But accessing gear from the high places once you’re on the trail is quite another. That’s why KMS thoughtfully considered the design and location of a smart access component that permits a safe and convenient approach and departure of the roof-top for the venerable Jeep Wrangler JK.
The demographic and lifestyle of the average Jeep Wrangler enthusiast has certainly evolved over the years. Hence a whole new pool of users are finding themselves intrigued with the Jeep life persona and the civil attributes afforded in the JK’s design. As such, KMS has decidedly moved in the direction of making products that tame the frontal and side ascents to the JK’s lofty regions aka roof top access, and the Hinge Step is one of them.

New Model of LEER 100XQ Pickup Truck Cap Specifically Designed for 2015 Ford F-150

A new 100XQ cap designed specifically for the 2015 Ford F-150 is available now from LEER® dealers. Crafted for the current F-150, the new LEER cap is styled to complement the vehicle’s body lines and design elements.

The 100XQ delivers premium features that make this cap exceptionally easy to use. One-piece, tip-out side windows with removable screens
make the bed easily accessible. Frameless, hidden-hinge curved glass on the cap’s rear door
complements the pickup’s clean look. Dark, tinted glass
and automotive paint are both standard. The new 100XQ also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
“There’s a reason why our 100XQ cap is a best seller, namely the unique combination of superior functionality with great design,” said John Stethem, vice president of sales and marketing, LEER. “We’ve worked closely with Ford designers to create a new cap that is so meticulously designed, it looks like the cap came right off the factory floor with the truck.”

Latch N Load The revolutionary way to tie down extended load in to the back of any pickup truck

Latch N Load is revolutionary new tool for tying down any extended load in your pickup. Its made of carbon steel, right here in the USA and built strong enough to last for many years. Our new system makes it easy to tie down and safely transport whatever you need to haul. No more tying around your tailgate or bumper. No more damage to the top of your tailgate, and NO MORE LOAD IN THE ROAD. find us at booth#90054 or go to

SnapRest - The Instant Comfort Armrest

The SnapRest™ is a patented, innovative armrest that makes driving more enjoyable by providing ideally positioned cushioning to rest your arm. Installs in seconds without use of tools!

Eliminates sore forearms and elbows caused by resting your arm on firm surfaces. Promotes sitting in upright position to reduce fatigue and improve alertness.
Might help alleviate muscle and neck pain resulting from sustained unhealthy posture while driving.

The SnapRest™ fits in the door pull recess snugly and will not fall out under any circumstances. To remove, pull it up - it will require a bit of force due to the tight fit. The SnapRest™ built-in door pull is strong, durable and provides an easy grip during normal use. You can conveniently close (even slam) your car's door. It will not dislodge or break.

Available for 2009-14 Ford F-150 trucks, soon to be available for the 2009-15 Dodge Ram and 2007-13 Silverado.

Get Our Patent-Pending QR Codes For Your SEMA Show 2015 Vehicles

If you are going to have display vehicles at your booth, contact us at to get your vehicles added to our SEMA Show 2015 section on the CHARIOTZ website and app, and get our patent-pending QR codes for those vehicles.

When a booth visitor scans a vehicle’s QR code using the CHARIOTZ app, he or she instantly sees all products used and work done on that vehicle. You can pinpoint and describe all the visible AND invisible modifications done to the vehicle. If it is a restored vehicle, you can share the painstaking work that went into bringing it back to car show condition. You enter the information that the visitor sees, so you can be as detailed as you want to be, including adding any stories behind each vehicle – most vehicles do have interesting stories behind them.

The CHARIOTZ app also stores all scanned vehicles on the visitor’s phone for later viewing and sharing, so you continue to get exposure even after the visitor has left your booth.

DEI Introduces New Muffler Shield Kit- Reduces Radiant Heat, Provides a Cooler Interior

Reduces Radiant Heat, Provides a Cooler Interior

Avon Lake, Ohio…Hot rod and muscle car mufflers can transfer a tremendous amount of heat into the cabin which can make for an uncomfortable ride. DEI’s New Muffler Shield Kit, developed with the same race proven technology as DEI’s popular Floor and Tunnel Shield II™ product, is constructed of 10 mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/8” needle glass insulator. The result is a clean-looking shield that greatly reduces radiant heat resulting in a cooler cabin interior and overall component protection from the effects of extreme heat.

Easy to trim, it is designed to wrap around most any size muffler with a secure fit. The kit includes one 42” x 24” Muffler Shield, two 40” x ½” wide heavy duty 304 stainless steel positive locking ties, and locking tie tool.


Auburn Hills, Mich. (June 15, 2015) — TI Automotive, a leading global supplier of fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology, has announced the availability of its new line of Dual Fuel Pump Kits and Drop-in Modules for high-horsepower (HP) engines. The new pump kits and drop-in modules are ideal for gas powered engines with up to 1,000 HP with a flow rate of 500 LPH plus.

“We’re proud to introduce to the market a line of dual in-tank fuel pump kits and drop-in modules with the highest flow rate available in one package at this price level,” explained Carl Hockman, category manager, TI Automotive. “Our dual pump kits and drop-in modules offer the most value for car enthusiasts who have thirsty, high-horsepower engines underneath the hood.”


Auburn Hills, Mich. — TI Automotive, a leading global supplier of fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology, announced today the availability of its new 68-page high-performance fuel systems catalog. The new catalog can be accessed at the TI Automotive aftermarket website at, using the download tab. The catalog includes details on the company’s complete product line of fuel pumps, accessories, pump kits and fuel modules.

“Our new catalog showcases our award-winning fuel pumps that power the fastest production cars in the world,” explained Doug Thomson, director of sales, North American aftermarket, TI Automotive. “Our performance fuel systems are designed to install easily and support the horsepower and torque that automotive enthusiasts crave. That’s why our catalog includes helpful installation instructions, flow charts and application data.”


Auburn Hills, Mich. (May 26, 2015) — TI Automotive, a leading global supplier of fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology, announced today the availability of 150 new part numbers to its high-performance fuel systems catalog.

Many of the new part numbers are designed for high-horsepower engines and feature the company’s award-winning Dual Channel Single Stage (DCSS) fuel pump technology. Ideal for engines with up to 1,000 HP with a flow rate of 500 LPH, the complete drop-in, fuel module assembly includes flanges and fuel level sensors.

The TI Automotive high-performance fuel systems catalog can be accessed at the company’s aftermarket website at, using the download tab. The catalog includes details on the company’s complete product line of fuel pumps, accessories, pump kits and fuel modules.


Auburn Hills, Mich. (April 1, 2015) — TI Automotive, a leading global supplier of automotive fluid systems technology, has announced the addition of Michael Grimes to its aftermarket team as sales manager. Grimes reports directly to Doug Thomson, director, North American aftermarket. Grimes is responsible for raising the visibility of TI Automotive in the high performance aftermarket segment.

Grimes joins TI Automotive from Cleveland, Ohio-based Accel Performance Group where he was director of retail sales. Thomson says Grimes brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to TI Automotive from his aftermarket career working for Tenneco Automotive, Dorman Products, and Nissens, A/S where he was general manager for Nissens North America.

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