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Why TuxMat Is the Preferred Car Accessory of Tesla Model 3 Owners

It is in the nature of the EV industry to always be seeking innovative ideas, and to focus on constant evolution. How can a vehicle be faster, cheaper, safer, more comfortable, more sustainable...? TuxMat Inc. makes a unique product that has the ability to keep up with the ever-evolving EV market. It is in TuxMat’s nature to be aligned with change, as they are always quickto add the newest vehicle models to their roster of custom fit car mats.

With laser scanning technology, TuxMat takes the scanning data of your car floor to produce custom-fit mats that mold to your car like a second skin. TuxMat’s method of development is particularly beneficial to EV drivers. Due to their lack of a transmission, these new-age cars haveflat floors, so conventional car mats aren’t cutting it. This is a key reason why Model 3 owners are choosing TuxMat, for precise fitting mats that provide them with maximum coverage, efficiency, extra safety features, and added luxury for their EV.

MULTY: The world’s first self-loading truck deck is here


August 7, 2019 - Multy is a new interpretation of truck decks to auto-load multiple pieces of equipment onto a light duty truck - with minimal effort, and maximum efficiency. The brand launched earlier this year but will be available to the public for the first time at this year’s SEMA Conference and has already experienced success in sales with buyers.

With remote winch loading, Multy has created the safest way to load, secure, and transport gear for any adventure. The one-of-a kind construction is customizable, adjusting to any make or model so it completely caters to any truck of choice.

How TuxMat is Trendsetting with Their Ultimate Car Mat

TuxMat’s Advanced Utility and Elevated Luxury Redefines the Necessary Vehicle Accessory

The Toronto based company, TuxMat Inc., manufactures their custom car mats, and are always adding products for the latest vehicle models to their product list. Standard universal fit mats allow everyday elements to destroy your car floor, and their constant shifting about can be a potential driving hazard. TuxMat has the technology to take a thorough laser scan of your vehicle floor in order to make mats that fit your car like a second skin. Additionally, TuxMat uses a unique design component that matches your TuxMat to the interior panel texture of your vehicle for a consistent look, and sleek finish.

Automated Reuseable Air Filter Cleaner

Since 1964, those with the demand for the highest performance in their vehicles include reusable air filters in their performance modifications. The challenge has been in keeping the filter clean to optimize performance due to the time and effort of the cleaning process.

This has all changed, thanks to the REVOLUTION by Filter Klean.

Using the power of Centrifugal force, reusable air filters for automobiles, off-road vehicles, boats, and motorcycles can now be cleaned to virtually factory new condition with every cleaning!
One never need agonize again over the painfully tortuous and antiquated cleaning method of reusable air filters that only cleans the surface, but leaves behind the dirt and grime deep inside decreasing expected performance.

Manatec launches - JUMBO 3D SUPER 6A World's 1st 3D wheel aligner for Heavy duty Multi-Axle vehicles (Buses, Trucks and Trailers)

Jumbo 3D Super is an innovative product, using 3D technology for Wheel Alignment of Heavy duty Multi-Axle vehicles (Buses, Trucks and Trailers) capable of measuring wheel alignment angles up to 6 axles simultaneously.

The product uses 3D Digital Image Processing technology. Four High resolution Digital Imaging cameras, two on each side, is used for seamless data acquisition of ten image plates fitted on to the wheels, simultaneously.

First time ever in Wheel Alignment such simultaneous data acquisition and processing for SIX Axles and covering a Wheel base length of 16.0 Meters is done.

Present Wheel Alignment methods for Multi Axles:

• Wheel Alignment of Multi Axle Vehicles are done one by one, sequentially, for each axle.
• This requires the sensor heads or image plates to be removed and re fixed along with the wheel Brackets one by one for the number of axles.

EnerSys Debuts New ODYSSEY Batteries at the 2019 SEMA Show

READING, Pennsylvania, August 2, 2019 – EnerSys® (NYSE:ENS), the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications and the manufacturer of ODYSSEY® batteries, will premier its expanded ODYSSEY® battery product offering at the 2019 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in booth no. 24875. The SEMA Show will take place November 5 – 8 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Ninja Harness by

(405) 736-0088

The Ninja Harness by

The Quick Install and Remove Harness for the Weekend Racer

Oklahoma City, OK, August 2019 – SeatbeltPlanet is pleased to release their first-ever Ninja Harness. Ever found yourself wishing you had a full harness for the track but don’t want to bother with it on your commute? The Ninja Harness is the answer.

SeatbeltPlanet has worked with real-world weekend warriors to develop a four-point harness that be installed and removed with just a few quick clicks. For you, that means you can install the harness before hitting the track and remove it before driving home. It’s a great solution, and you’re going to love it. Now Offers Printed Seat Belt Webbing

(405) 736-0088 Now Offers Printed Seat Belt Webbing

Customize Your Seatbelts to Match Your Style

Oklahoma City, OK, August 2019 – SeatbeltPlanet is excited to announce the latest in custom seatbelts: printed webbing. In response to a growing demand to one of a kind, bespoke seat belts, SeatbeltPlanet has spent much time and effort in determining the best methods for printing onto seatbelt webbing.

Now, if you can dream it, they can print it. Whether you want camouflage, a totally unique color, or your own unique design, SeatbeltPlanet is ready to print it. Your one of a kind ride just became that much more unique. SeatbeltPlanet will work with your design and their design team to make sure the print will look great and exceed your expectations.

No more boring seat belts! The time for custom printed webbing is now.


Overland Rack Brings Putco Quality to New Market

Des Moines, Iowa, USA, July 30 2019.

Putco Inc., an automotive accessory manufacturer and decades-long leader in the top-of-the-bed category, introduces the VentureTec™ overland racking system. For fifty years Putco has led its industry in innovation by adopting trends early on in their development. With the growth of this market, Putco felt the need to provide a high-quality and versatile racking system using their patented technology and exceptional capabilities. This product is manufactured entirely in Des Moines, Iowa, using components sourced from within the United States.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Niagara Falls, NY (2019) – Get up close to the stars in the sky with Napier’s new Rooftop Tent! Enjoy your camping or off-roading adventure rooftop style with this new addition from Napier Outdoors.

This durable, weather-resistant tent features ripstop polyester canvas with 2000mm PU waterproofing—both UV and mold resistant—and mesh panels for ventilation and breathtaking views. A thick, wall-to-wall foam mattress provides ultimate comfort after a day of exploring, and the included rainfly ensures extra protection for stormy nights. Gear pockets in the tent provide a place to store your belongings, and windows on all sides ensure you don’t miss any of the view. An adjustable ladder allows for safe entry and easy set-up, and the sleek black and grey design offers both a sophisticated and rugged look.

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